What a wonderful surprise

We had our first snow of the winter season this weekend. I heard that we got about 3.5 inches. We got out this morning and went to church, it was petty slick out but we made it just fine. We had a great day with praising our Lord with singing and then a great sermon about our God and his Son Jesus Christ.

After we made it back home the wife was cooking us some lunch when we heard some one at the door. It was our son and the two grand kids they came over to shovel our drive way and sidewalk. It is such a blessing to have them live so close and that he worry’s about mom and dad. The little 4-year-old was getting after the shoveling but the six-year-old was more interested in hitting his mama, and poppy with a snow ball. Mama had fixed some home-made biscuits and had put some little smokey sausages in them making pigs in a blanket. Theย four-year old told me not to eat them all because we have to share, those two are just so cute I think I could watch and listen to them all day.

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15 thoughts on “What a wonderful surprise

    • It looks like it is all heading east. We are heading for Houston Tomorrow to be at our sons for Thanksgiving and also our oldest grandsons birthday is that day and he will be 18 years old. Y’all be careful as you head for California. Jim


  1. This is lovely. I’ve only just learned about pigs in a blanket! Sound yum, but most especially from mum ๐Ÿ™‚

    Merry Christmas!


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