Heavy Heart about what is happening in America and the World

It is so upsetting seeing and hearing about all that is going on, not only in the United States but around the world. It has not been all that long ago when people respected other people. I was raised to respect other people and people who had authority over me. I was also raised that not everyone believed in the same God that I believe in and even if I think that the believe in their god is wrong it was not for me to judge. I am to love and respect them and let them see the God that I believe in is living in me, and then and only then if they want to meet my God I will introduce them to Him.

When I was growing up we could go off and leave the doors unlocked, we could go to bed at night and leave the windows open for fresh air and never dreamed that someone would come in and rob,or kill us. We went to school and had an opening prayer. If the kids did not want to pray he or she did not have to they would just set there quietly. If he or she wanted to pray to their different god they could. We had no fear of walking down the street, going to school, shopping, or to church. If we acted up we would get a swat on the rear end from a teacher and then when we got home we would catch it from our folks. I never thought that I was being abused by getting a spanking. Now if I were to get bruises on my face and arms okay that might be abuse but I do not see getting a bottom busting as abuse. I truly feel that this is the biggest reason our kids and adults have no respect for one another because they know that no one can discipline them.

I have noticed that the US government is so busy trying to take God out of our country that I guess they can’t see that the country is falling apart. This country grew with God involved and taking him out will not help matters any. We all need to get on our knees and ask Him for forgiveness and ask Him to heal us. I know that I have not been perfect and I still make wrong decisions but my God is an amazing God and He has adopted me as one of His sons and takes very good care of me and my family. Our country is so far in debt but we keep shelling it out instead of taking care of our own people. We need to take care of this world that we live in. We as Christians our just pilgrims in this place we call earth, for we are just passing through on the way to are heavenly home and so we need to leave it in better shape than we found it for our kids and grand kids.


42 thoughts on “Heavy Heart about what is happening in America and the World

      • One of the goals of my blog is to equip grandfathers with ways to teach and instruct their grandchildren by providing ways to spend quality time with them. I hope to start doing that after the holidays. I will be asking my readers to share their ideas as well. Thank you!


      • That sounds great, I have four grandsons 18, 15,6, and 4. Praise the Lord my two youngest live here but the two older ones live about 11 hours away. Good luck with your blog. Jim


  1. This is a lovely reflective post. I don’t agree with teachers hitting children, and I never felt it necessary to hit my son (but did once when I’d lost my temper/blew a fuse – precisely when you should not), however I do recognise our children are fairly ADHD and other drugged up these days, by lazy assessment of their wellbeing, and this does change things. Oh for the days, leaving your doors open…

    God is in enough hearts, I imagine, that it is impossible to take the Truth and the Way out of the whole country. But keep fighting it, yes.


    • Thank you and as for hitting I guess I do not think of it that way. I thank of it as spanking only in the form of discipline for that was the way I was raised and I raised my children and I feel that God has blessed me with wonderful kids and grand kids. I know that when my oldest grandson was little his mom and dad was separated for awhile and my son did not want to be the mean parent when he was home to see his son. So when the little one would act out toward his grandma or me I would give him a little swat on the rear end. His mom and dad have been back together now for several years and to this day when we go to see them he hugs me and loves me for not letting him get away with his shenanigans.


  2. I respect your feelings on religion etc. but from a historical perspective it is wrong to think the Founding Fathers were somehow diehard Christians. For a good portion of his life George Washington didn’t believe in life after death and you’re going to be hard-pressed to find where he refers to himself as a Christian because he never did. Thomas Jefferson was a deist who thought the Bible needed a good rewrite and attempted to do just that. There were many very anti-organized religion in their ranks that also included spiritualists and atheists and of course you have the likes of Ben Franklin helping Jews and Muslims to build their places of worship. The truth is that organized religion – particularly Christianity – had been a threat to almost every family in their ranks at some point in the not so distant past (in many cases causing death among their relatives) and they didn’t forget that which is why they insisted on separation of church and state. They didn’t begrudge anyone believing what they wanted to believe but they sure didn’t want government to have any part in it.


    • I too respect you views and I am not saying they were all die hard Christians but I do feel they believed in the one true God are they would not have put it on our currency. And I also know do not mix politics with religion. But I do believe that the Bible tells us how we should act towards one another and that ever since we as a country started taking God out of every thing we as a country are heading down hill fast. Thank you for your Comment and I hope you have a blessed day and rest of the week. Jim


  3. Friend, I feel your pain… You must understand that you were socially engineered from birth to obey authority without question, this is a bad way to live to a large degree. Now I’m not saying to disrespect parents or even a boss at work. I mean more in general. There’s was a movie made in the 70’s about this, it was called “The tenth level” I think. What this means is, we have been taught to take people with a so called education, doctors, government, military and so on as all knowing and must obey. A wise man once said to me true freedom in this current system of things is merely an illusion. 🙂


    • Thank you for your comment on my blog. I understand the difference between obeying authority and respecting authority. The point is their is only one true freedom and that is the one true God. When we except him and His Son Jesus Christ in our lives, He sends the Holy Spirit to live in us. Then and only then we we start loving our neighbor as we love our self’s. Then and only then will we treat everyone with the respect they deserve. Have a wonderful day and up coming week. Jim


  4. Did you grow up in the 80-ies (are you born in 77) or which decade are you talking about? If you had said that you grew up in Norway, it would have been easier for me to believe you, even though I do, because the past… four (?) decades, wouldn´t you have to live in an Amish community in the U.S. to feel safe with the door to your house open at night? When my parents went to school 60 years ago, the teachers and parents “all over the place” (everybody) had branches (sticks) behind the mirror, that they used to give the children – either at school or at home – “spankers” with (corrected them by hitting them behind, or on their fingers), and it was not reported to the police as “abuse”. They are just laughing about it today. Even my generation had to stand in the corner of the classroom; “Skammekrok” (Corner of shame) if we didn´t watch our manner (if we ever had such a thing). My father gave me a whole lot of spankers on my butt, and I still love him – but it “strained” my love for him in that very moment of punishment, maybe. – It made me fear him. Still, don´t come hugging me one minute later, or you can keep your hugs to yourself… A hand with two “missions” is hard to grasp, somehow. But he has been extremely good to me all of my life, and there are no hard feelings.


    • I was born in 1946 and we lived in a small town in Texas. I had my fair share of bottom busting to which the biggest amount of time I deserved. I also had a few swats on the butt at school, but I do think the fear of the dreaded spanking helped keep me and many others in line. I know that we had one or two teachers who would be considered abusing so we would try to avoid causing any trouble around them, but most of the teachers were great. I guess what I was trying to say is the kids in school now days show so much disrespect to their teachers, school bus drivers, and other people because they know that no one can do any thing to correct them.
      We did not have air conditioning so we would leave the doors and windows open to help keep the house cool. In the 60’s we moved to Amarillo Texas which was a much larger city and even there I do not remember worrying about locking every thing up before we would leave the house. It seems to me that it was around the mid 80’s when I first noticed that we would start locking up and worring about what was going on around us. Maybe it is because I am getting older and more paranoid about thing in general. Have a blessed day. Jim


      • While reading your reply here, all of the sudden I remember when my father’s cousin from Chicago came to visit us for a week, the summer of 1981. My mother told me that she was a little worried why we didn’t lock the front door at night. Actually people did keep their doors open all day long, but things started changing about that time (because of more burglaries in the area). My mother was a teacher for 40 years, and I still enjoy the “fruit” of her kindness, because the kids loved her, and therefore were friendly towards me (I didn’t attend her school). My father was also a teacher for 40 years but more strict, and then it was opposite (they thought I was like him and treated me as if I was him, since they didn’t understand him), but my parents were raised during World War II, and his mother would tie him to the flag-“pole (?)” while taking care of the sheep in the farmhouse, since his twin-cousins, two girls, drowned on a “piece” of ice (“isflak”) by the sea… One girl fell down from it, the other one tried to reach her to save her, and they both drowned. Dad’s father was on the sea, even further up North, maybe quite close to Russia at times, so women were “doing it for themselves” (Aretha Franklin :-)) If you didn’t listen to your mother, when dad was gone, she would tie you somewhere. It is called “female power”… but is illegal today. That is how they learned to obey, also at school. Maybe that is why they were so successful, looking at my own life… – But these past few years we have read about religious, Islamic schools where they have beaten kids, and since there are so many cultures where this is allowed as a part of raising kids, they have become more strict, to protect children. Christians also have a dark past in abuse, so “nobody’s perfect always”, whatever perfect is. God bless you.


      • Thank you for your feedback. and yes their is no perfect person in this world of ours. There was only one perfect person and He was part God and all God plus part human yet all human. His name is Jesus Christ, even though I am a Christian I am not even close to perfect. I strive daily to be more like Him but I fall short, and so I ask Him to forgive me. This is my opinion that if we all would try to live Like him this world would be a better place. I say to you also that may God bless you and I have enjoyed visiting with you. Jim


      • Yes, amen. PS: In 1990 I met one of his students (pupils) who is a very social guy, keeping in touch with “everybody”, which is easier in a village than in a town, and he said that the students (pupils, classes) that my father “was in charge of” did well; achieved a lot – they “reached” far in life; good education, good jobs. But, I guess if we don´t like discipline and reject it, we may mess up a lot. My father had himself proved that discipline from a farm (up early in the morning; hard labor) was a good thing, since he moved away from home 14 years old to go and study more; became a medical doctor (but preferred working as a teacher), and worked as a scientist when he got older. But since I have met too many arrogant well educated men, especially in church-environments, I have understood that just because somebody has a “Master” (doctorate) is no proof of their intelligence. An uneducated man or woman can be more intelligent than them, just because of what God has taught them through “other channels” than haughty University-professors. – They can even achieve more. Jesus didn´t study medicine, but healed thousands. He did not study philosophy, but who had greater wisdom and faith than him? And God fed him and his disciples in supernatural ways. My greates mistakes in life was being impressed by someone´s “greatness”, because we are not supposed to follow men, but God/Jesus.


      • I do not consider my self wise or smart for I dropped out of school in the 10th grade. But all that I have and know comes from the Farther. He provided me with wonderful parents, a beautiful and wonderful wife, we have been married 48 years, three great children, 5 wonderful grandchildren. He helped me through the military, helped me learn a trade that I could use all through my life until I retired and now He has let me have good enough health to enjoy being with my wife as we travail around in this world. Thank’s again for reading my blog and all of your comments. Jim


  5. Dear Friend 🙂
    I have been meaning to write you a thank you note for a while now, and when you just pressed “like” on my last post I was right here by the computer 🙂

    I really, really appreciate all your likes on my blog. My blog is very small, and I have few followers. My post will sometime get some extra attention from Pinterest if one of the “craft-gurus” are pinning it there, but on a daily base I rely on a handful of committed followers for feedback and encouragement. And I belive you are my most dedicated follower 🙂

    I don’t know if you, or your wife, are doing any paper crafts, or if you just enjoy the vintage goodies I’m posting, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. It really means a lot in terms of keeping my creative spirit up, and the design juices flowing 😀 I wish you all the best!

    Gunnvor Karita


    • Thank you for your kind words and I do enjoy looking at your blog. You are very creative and I do like seeing all you have done. The wife and I or not very creative in this department but she is very musical and I carry a mean Cello, what I mean is she plays it and i carry it to where ever she is going to play. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas form us to you. God bless. Jim


  6. ‘- that not everyone believed in the same God ‘
    That is the funny part: Most people, which ever religion they follow, agree that there is only one God! Simple mathematics will tell you that if that’s right, this God must be the very same one? Right?

    So how come the different religions on Earth are so different when it comes to what on may do (or not do) and the consequences if one fails?

    As a parallell, look to a global business with branches in every country on Earth? Overlooking local laws the rules for doing business with this giant would largely be indentical, but NOT when it comes to religion! Have you ever stopped to reflect on why?


    • Yes I have and I truly believe that if every one walked as Jesus walk and loved as Jesus loves we would not be in such a mess in our world today. I also understand that every religion says that their God is the only one. I only know that 1. The holy Bible was written by man and God told them what to write. 2. Jesus is God who became man so that He could go through what we are going through, then He took our sins upon Him as he died on that cross. He arose again on that third day so that we to can be with Him when He comes again. 3. He tells us the only way to heaven is by believing that Jesus is the Son of God.
      I know of no other religions that believes that He is. What I have seen is that they admit that Jesus was a man but not the Son of God.
      I do not want to see any one not get into heaven so that is why I try to tell them, all I can do is plant the seed for them to start believing and then turn their lives over to Him. If I am wrong in my way of thinking than I have lost nothing, but I know that I am right and so I have gained everything through Jesus Christ. There is only one (SIN) that will not be forgiven and that is not excepting Jesus Christ as your savior, all other sins will and are forgiven if and only if you ask Him to forgive you then He forgets those sins and it is as if they ever happened.
      I hope I have not offended you and that you have a wonderfully blessed day and week. Jim


      • Not at all, Jim! As you, I have more or less made up my mind as to what is true, and what’s not. And being 77 years of age, with most of my life behind me, I thought I’d better try to find out 🙂
        And I do respect anybody to decide how they would like to live the only life they have got. (None of my business). As I will live mine!

        Contrary to you, I took a long hard look on our world and asked myself one burning question: If there is but one Lord, allmighty and rightous in all his doings (That’s what we are told), how can our
        world look like it does these days? Why wars, famin, tsunamies,
        volcanos, landslides taking the lives of milions of innocent women, children all over the world? Why ‘Katarina’ in New Orleans, Yolanda in the Philippines? Haiti? (I feel I could go on forever)

        Mao Tse Tung only manged to kill 48 millions in his lifetime.

        Then we have a saying here in Norway: If something looks like a fish, smells like a fish, and even tastes like a fish, – it’s most likely a fish!!!
        In short: There seems to be too many questions and and acute lack of answers? Or is it all about being in the wrong place at a wrong time on a living and sometimes dangerous planet?
        Then there wouldn’t be many questions to answer?!


      • Thank you my friend and I hope I can call you my friend. We have pretty much the same saying here in the US about the fish except we say if it looks like a duck, quacks like duck, and walks like a duck then it is a duck. I too have wondered some times how could God let these things happen and to answer that is I have no ideal. He gave all of us a free will to believe in Him or not and as for me I believe.


  7. Yes, I know, Jim –
    But I’d like to draw a situation to you (just for fun):

    You’re waking up by some strange noises and discover that the hopuse across the street is in full fire. On the third floor a young girl are crying out for help from her window.

    Now what do you do?

    1. Sendinge a prayer to the Lord that all goes well?
    2. Walk across the street, up the stairs and carry the poor girl to safety?
    3. Call the Fire Brigade which are located around the corner one block away?


      • 😀 Yes, you would have! And that’s perhaps ‘the normal reaction’ as far as the Fire Dept. goes? I think anybody, – believing or not – would have done something quite similar. And again they would all be hoping that they could do something. The difference being that only a few would have directed their hopes to God, but all would have hoped. And I don’t thing anybody would have been stupid enough to venture into a burning building in order to make their way up to the third floor?
        So what happened to the trust in God in this situation? Wouldn’t he hold his hand over you? Wouldn’t he see to it that you’d reach the
        third floor and back (with the girl)? Not sure? Better to put your trust in the FD? Yes that’s the normal thing to do, and that’s why we have a FD in the first place. This is just an example, but we people contradict ourselves every day on a daily basis and mostly without noticing.

        I personally don’t trust my God to keep me alive if I tried to cross the freeway with my eyes shut. I might hope, buit it’s a very slim chance and – not enough, thus I cannot say that I’m a ‘believer’. That doesn’t prevent me from having the utmost respect for my fellow beings through life – including the ones that believe – whatever. Their choice and none of my business. The difference is perhaps that logic plays a major part in my decisions and faith just as little. And today I’m 77,
        Jim. It has worked fine!

        No, I don’ think there is a ‘hell’ nor a ‘heaven’ to come. In the sence you’d think of such, I think we all carry with us our private heaven and a private hell within us. And through life you get to decide which ‘doors’ to open, close or nail shut for ever. Most of my doors have been left open through life. Also the ones leading to my private hell 🙂
        but I’m rarely in those rooms! By keeping all doors open, I’ll always have to mind where I’m going! That make sence to you?


      • I do respect the way you feel about heaven and hell but for me I do believe in heaven and of course God. I am 67 only a short 10 years behind you. I had a heart attack 6 months ago and I remember how peaceful the wife and I was through this knowing no matter how it came out I was ok. If I lived I could still be with my family and if I died I would be with my Farther in Heaven. We all have to make decisions about life? Should I go into that burning building or should I just pray and hope the little girl will be ok. God does not control us like puppets on a string He just want’s us to put our faith in Him. I have felt His love and protection with me all my life, when I was in a horrific car wreck that should have killed me when I was 16 years old, When I was in the US Navy and in Vietnam, and all through my working career. I can only say what He has done for me and I know my God is an awesome God. Jim 🙂


  8. I can see that. As you may have registered, I have also had my brush with death and wit a cancer diagnosis you never quite know, but for me there is another picture: ‘End of life’ means just that. As for all other living organisms on our planet. (That’s my belief) And as suprised you may be, I’m not overly worried. This is something I have know the last 50 years of my life. Nothing lasts forever and that goes for me as for anybody/anything else.

    Still – I have lived my life in an orderly and respectful manner. Perhaps I’ll be the one that gets the surprise 🙂 but I don’t expect anything and thus I won’t be disappointed if it turns out I was right. I know my old family members would have given me a sign of some sort, as would thousands of other relatives around the world, but it has been very quiet 🙂 Probably becuase ‘dead’ is dead!?

    So we may be good friends, Jim, but I’m afraid we’ll have to make it work while we’re here?! What I like about you is that we may discuss this with the proper respect for what the other guy thinks. I appreciate that!


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