Christmas Allready

Two days after Halloween and we were watching the grand kids on Saturday afternoon. Grand kids are so much fun and you never know what their little brains are going to come up with. We went from playing cars on the floor to reading P1090964books and having a picnic out in the back yard. The boys decided that they were ghost and wanted to scare poppy, maw maw gave them white pillow cases to slip over their heads and they came in making scary noises. Poppy turned into a monster and told them he loved to catch little ghost and eat them so the chase was on. Of course with Poppy the chase did not last to long for there was no way I could catch them. I set down in my chair and tried to get them to come and give me a high five because they could out run me, of course the six year old told his little brother don’t do it its a trick. I told them no I was the nice Poppy and Riley said no you have on the same shirt. I looked around and said is there another Poppy around wearing my shirt because I am the nice poppy. The four year old said he wanted to watch TV so I asked him what do you want to watch. I had recorded Elf on a Shelf back when P1090968he was two and he always remembers that so that is what he asked for he loves that show. So we went from Halloween to Christmas in just a couple of hours. Little Noah fell a sleep while watching Elf on a shelf and Riley got up in Poppy’s lap to play a game of Mahjong on my P1090969laptop.

P1090960 P1090963


16 thoughts on “Christmas Allready

  1. We had our three grandchildren running around here all weekend. They are so energetic and ‘full on’. Pa is the one who gets on the floor and plays cars whilst me (Ma) does the little things like taking them to the toilet, brushing hair and all that stuff. They also like to sit on my lap and play on the computer.


    • That sound wonderful and they are very energetic. I think that is the reason God wants the young folks to raise them and us older folk to spoil them. Have a blessed day and week. Jim


    • Yes they are I have four 16,14,6, and 4 years old and they all have been a blessing. the sad part is the two oldest one live 12 hours away. Have a blessed day and week. Jim


    • Thank and yes it was mine and Maw maw heart just melts every time we are around these two boys. We just wish we could be around the two older ones that are 12 hours away. Have a blessed day and week. Jim


  2. I love your photos and posts about family. Seems you have a beautiful family, solid, wonderful. Blessings.

    Yes, nearly Christmas!


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