Famous Trick or Treaters Halloween Night

Charlotte and I was eating supper and playing a game of cards when we heard the doorbell ring. This little Power Ranger was at the door saying trick or treat, I did not recognize him so I was getting some candy ready when Darth Vader came around the corner. Then I saw my daughter-in-law walk around the corner than and only than did I realize Β these two were my grandsons.

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25 thoughts on “Famous Trick or Treaters Halloween Night

    • Yes they are, I have always heard that if only we could have had the grand children first. ha ha;) I some times tell my kids that and they fire right back it just don’t work that way. All kidding aside we love our kids and grand kids. Have a blessed day and weekend. Jim


    • I guess I was showing my age for when I first saw him I asked if he was Flash Gordon, my daughter-in-law looked at me funny and said who then said no he is a power ranger.


    • I know they received a lot from this mama and Poppy then after leaving us they went to their other grandmas and grandpas to get some more plus around the neighborhood and the word I got was that they made to much of a killing on the sweets department. Jim


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