Happy Thanksgiving

I have so much to be thankful for, a Loving God and children and grandchildren who love me. We came down to Houston to see our kids for thanksgiving and also to celebrate my oldest grandsons 18 Th. birthday. Our other son and his P1090996kids were able to come down also, so we have all four of our grandsons together and it is great seeing them all together. The younger two look up to their older cousins and just follow them around every where they go. Their poor old dog is about 11 years old and she don’t know what to think about these two young ones but she will just lay there and let them hug and pet her. The daughter was unable to make the trip and she was truly missed by me and the wife, but her brothers said it was great for they got more attention without her.

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What a wonderful surprise

We had our first snow of the winter season this weekend. I heard that we got about 3.5 inches. We got out this morning and went to church, it was petty slick out but we made it just fine. We had a great day with praising our Lord with singing and then a great sermon about our God and his Son Jesus Christ.

After we made it back home the wife was cooking us some lunch when we heard some one at the door. It was our son and the two grand kids they came over to shovel our drive way and sidewalk. It is such a blessing to have them live so close and that he worry’s about mom and dad. The little 4-year-old was getting after the shoveling but the six-year-old was more interested in hitting his mama, and poppy with a snow ball. Mama had fixed some home-made biscuits and had put some little smokey sausages in them making pigs in a blanket. The¬†four-year old told me not to eat them all because we have to share, those two are just so cute I think I could watch and listen to them all day.

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Heavy Heart about what is happening in America and the World

It is so upsetting seeing and hearing about all that is going on, not only in the United States but around the world. It has not been all that long ago when people respected other people. I was raised to respect other people and people who had authority over me. I was also raised that not everyone believed in the same God that I believe in and even if I think that the believe in their god is wrong it was not for me to judge. I am to love and respect them and let them see the God that I believe in is living in me, and then and only then if they want to meet my God I will introduce them to Him.

When I was growing up we could go off and leave the doors unlocked, we could go to bed at night and leave the windows open for fresh air and never dreamed that someone would come in and rob,or kill us. We went to school and had an opening prayer. If the kids did not want to pray he or she did not have to they would just set there quietly. If he or she wanted to pray to their different god they could. We had no fear of walking down the street, going to school, shopping, or to church. If we acted up we would get a swat on the rear end from a teacher and then when we got home we would catch it from our folks. I never thought that I was being abused by getting a spanking. Now if I were to get bruises on my face and arms okay that might be abuse but I do not see getting a bottom busting as abuse. I truly feel that this is the biggest reason our kids and adults have no respect for one another because they know that no one can discipline them.

I have noticed that the US government is so busy trying to take God out of our country that I guess they can’t see that the country is falling apart. This country grew with God involved and taking him out will not help matters any. We all need to get on our knees and ask Him for forgiveness and ask Him to heal us. I know that I have not been perfect and I still make wrong decisions but my God is an amazing God and He has adopted me as one of His sons and takes very good care of me and my family. Our country is so far in debt but we keep shelling it out instead of taking care of our own people. We need to take care of this world that we live in. We as Christians our just pilgrims in this place we call earth, for we are just passing through on the way to are heavenly home and so we need to leave it in better shape than we found it for our kids and grand kids.

Handicap Patrol/ Veterans

This week end is veterans day weekend, and today is Saturday November 9 th. The Amarillo Police department entered their Handicap patrol car in the veterans day parade which the city has every year. They asked only the veterans who volunteer for the patrol to ride in the car and there were four of us. I was so blessed for as we were driving up Polk street in down town Amarillo, the people would wave at us and some of the veterans that was not in the parade would salute us as we drove bye and it did not matter which branch of service you were in. This was very humbling and brought back memories of why I was in the military and how much I love my country.

Christmas Allready

Two days after Halloween and we were watching the grand kids on Saturday afternoon. Grand kids are so much fun and you never know what their little brains are going to come up with. We went from playing cars on the floor to reading P1090964books and having a picnic out in the back yard. The boys decided that they were ghost and wanted to scare poppy, maw maw gave them white pillow cases to slip over their heads and they came in making scary noises. Poppy turned into a monster and told them he loved to catch little ghost and eat them so the chase was on. Of course with Poppy the chase did not last to long for there was no way I could catch them. I set down in my chair and tried to get them to come and give me a high five because they could out run me, of course the six year old told his little brother don’t do it its a trick. I told them no I was the nice Poppy and Riley said no you have on the same shirt. I looked around and said is there another Poppy around wearing my shirt because I am the nice poppy. The four year old said he wanted to watch TV so I asked him what do you want to watch. I had recorded Elf on a Shelf back when P1090968he was two and he always remembers that so that is what he asked for he loves that show. So we went from Halloween to Christmas in just a couple of hours. Little Noah fell a sleep while watching Elf on a shelf and Riley got up in Poppy’s lap to play a game of Mahjong on my P1090969laptop.

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Famous Trick or Treaters Halloween Night

Charlotte and I was eating supper and playing a game of cards when we heard the doorbell ring. This little Power Ranger was at the door saying trick or treat, I did not recognize him so I was getting some candy ready when Darth Vader came around the corner. Then I saw my daughter-in-law walk around the corner than and only than did I realize  these two were my grandsons.

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