On the road again (K) The End

Well all good trips have to come to and end. We were up and leaving the motel around 5:00 am. I knew this was a holiday weekend but I wanted to get on the toll road and away from the big city before traffic got to bad. It worked we could see the lights of down town Chicago off in the distance but traffic was not bad even pulling over to pay the tolls wasn’t to bad.

Charlotte got a picture of the river as we crossed back over. We were gettingP1090920 P1090921 hungry because we did not eat breakfast. We spotted a Cracker Barrel just off the highway in Davenport Iowa. We always enjoy eating at Cracker Barrels the food is always consistently good. While eating I noticed a black man and his family coming in to be seated, he was wearing a Vietnam Veteran hat. After we finished eating I went over to the man and thanked him for his service. He looked up at my hat which was the USS Monticello hat and I noticed his eyes getting wide and also his daughter eyes were also. He told me that he also served on the Monticello but it was a different time than me. I thank this was so neat to run into a fellow veteran who served on the same ship. I told him that I was just coming from a ships reunion which made him excited but also sad because he missed it, so I told him to be sure and look up the ships web site and sign up for the next reunion.

We made it home to the daughters house and needless to say she had a couple P1090924of happy hound dogs glad to have mama home. Of course Charlotte had to get a picture of me in my P1090923favorite spot at Ce’s house. Charlotte and I stayed there a couple more days then drove on home to Amarillo.


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