Lamar Elementary PTA 38 Years Later

It has been 38 years since our kiddos started 1st grade at Lamar Elementary school here in Amarillo Texas. My daughter’s class was getting ready for the Halloween Carnival coming up. The PTA parents were to be in charge of decorating each class room for the carnival. Also the wife was the president of the PTA that year and all the officers were in charge of getting the snacks and food to sell for a fund raiser to help the school. To this day I do not know where she came up with the recipe for what became the Lamar chili but we have been P1090933having it just about every year since that first Lamar Halloween carnival.

Last night 10/29/13 we had the group over for Lamar chili. There are 5 couples of us who have kept up with each other and we get together once a month to catch up on the kiddos. Every October of course we have what we call Lamar night, every one bring something to eat and Charlotte fixes the Chili.

P1090931 P1090932 P1090935 P1090939 P1090940 P1090941 P1090942 P1090943


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