On the road again (I)

When we made reservations to stay in Deerfield we had talked about staying one more night so that we all could go into Chicago on that Sunday. As it turned out that was the day of the Chicago marathon which meant their would be thousand more people than usual down town. I told Charlotte and CeAnne that even though the Great Lakes Navel base was closed due the the US Government shut down that I would still like to drive by it since we are this close. I went to boot camp in San Diego so I would like to see where the other boot camp was located.

We went down for breakfast and said some more goodbyes to some of the people who were heading home that day. We headed North to the Great Lakes center, of corse it was closed to the public but we pulled into the parking lot got out and walked around in the parts we could. We drove on up to Waukegan Ill. and over to the lake. Looking out across the lake reminds me of the ocean, If you P1090837look hard you can see Chicago off in the distance. We decided that we were this close to Wisconsin we might as well go to Milwaukee and look it over. We stopped at pretty little town called Racine WI it has a couple of neat draw bridges and we found a little place to eat right by the bride called Johns Dock. Charlotte had to have some cheese curds P1090866which is a treat in Wisconsin. We had a good time looking around in Milwaukee and of course Charlotte just had to put her feet in the water and so that makes two of the great lakes she has put her feet P1090880in.




P1090917 P1090909 P1090905 P1090902 P1090898 P1090896 P1090893 P1090889 P1090888 P1090875 P1090874 P1090872 P1090862 P1090858 P1090857 P1090853 P1090842 P1090836




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