On the road again (H)

Later that day we all were to meet down in the lobby/ bar area to have a meet andP1090804 greet time. We were to be dressed for dinner and have a time for picture-taking. While we were visiting we met a young man who just graduated P1090798from Great Lakes Navel Training Center, we had a good time visiting with him also, all the men made a point to talk with and congratulate him. It was hilarious trying to get 22 old salty sailors try to pose for pictures. When we took pictures of all the women they just posed and it was done.P1090809

Later that evening we all gathered in the formal P1090825dining room for dinner. We had prime rib mashed potatoes and green beans with bacon it was fantastic. Well I thought it was but it was way to bloody for my wife and daughter they just could not eat it. We had a DJ who played what ever we wanted to hear or dance to, also a few of us sang karaoke. We had a birthday cake for the United States Navy to celebrate it 238 P1090827years, so we all sang Happy birthday to the navy. This was the last night of the reunion so afterwards we said our goodbyes and told everyone that we would see them in two years in Memphis Tennessee.

P1090782 P1090784 P1090785 P1090787 P1090791 P1090793 P1090794 P1090795 P1090797 P1090799P1090835 P1090834 P1090831 P1090829 P1090826 P1090822 P1090818 P1090812 P1090811 P1090806

8 thoughts on “On the road again (H)

    • I know their are many people who do not like rare beef so I would think when a place is going to serve it they would have some other choice of meet for them. Well it might not be cost effective. Have a great day and stay safe on y’alls travail. Jim


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