On the road again (F)

While I stayed back at the motel I met and talked with some of the men who served on the USS Monticello LSD (Landing Ship Dock) 35. Even though most ofUSS Monticello LSD 35 these men served on board at different times than I we had the same since of togetherness. We could talk about different parts of the ship, and what all happened on the ship and even though we might not have been on board her at that moment we knew what each other were talking about. There were two men that were on board the same time I was but we did not know each other, we may have seen each other but we were in different divisions which meant we had different jobs on board. I was talking about the time that we were being refueled at sea. My refueling station was in the Boat shop for I was a mechanic. I remember not hearing anything but I felt the ship rock sideways and then the collision alarm went off. When I went to shut water tight doors I could see daylight in compartments that there should not be daylight. The refueling tanker had hit the port side of our ship and their Gun torrent cut open the side of the ship like a can opener, Praise God it was up on the 02 level which was high above the water line. After telling this the other two who were on board said they remember that the fuel line pulled loose when the tanker pulled away from the ship and it spilled fuel oil all over the deck which made a stinky mess to clean up. We were thankful that the ship was still operational and we sailed to Subic Bay Philippines for repairs. Some of the older men hadn’t heard that story about the ship, but they had stories that I hadn’t heard, same with some of the younger men they had some stories also. Even though it had been over 40 years since I had talked with any one from the ship about the Navy days it was great talking with these men.

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