On the road again (E)

My daughter was doing some consultant work in Chicago during 9/11/01, all flights in or out were canceled for about three weeks so she had to stay in Chicago. She became familiar with Chicago and wanted to take us down town to show us the sites. I have a lot of pain in my feet, legs, and back and so I knew I could not stay up with them and that they would worry about me so I told them I would stay at the motel and visit with some of the men off the USS Monticello. I took them to the train station just a few blocks from the motel; it was about an hour ride to the Union Station down town Chicago. From the looks of the pictures they had a wonderful time. My daughter has a little gadget that tells her how many steps, miles, and up or down stairs with her, she said they walked about ten miles around down town Chicago. Wow I am proud of them except for one shirt they bought me they did no shopping, there was too much to see and do to do any shopping.

P1090407 P1090518 P1090519 P1090520 P1090523 P1090525 P1090527 P1090532 P1090536 P1090540 P1090541 P1090542 P1090547 P1090548 P1090550 P1090554 P1090560 P1090572 P1090577 P1090581 P1090582 P1090585 P1090588 P1090590


14 thoughts on “On the road again (E)

  1. So cool. You’re in my hometown…welcome…enjoy. They have trams at the Botanic Garden that will show you all of it. Just go straight down Lake Cook Road and you’re there:) Mac and cheese. Whatever you do, have a good time doing it:)


    • Thank you just wish we had more time there but we are back home. When I wright my blog I try to be at home so no one knows that we are goen for sure. You have a beytiful home town I know my wife and daughter loved it. Have a blessed day. Jim


  2. Great photos! Looks like a great visit, and with an expert tour guide to boot! Sorry about your feet, legs and back though, but I think a 10 mile hike around Chicago probably had their feet pretty hot!


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