On the road again (D)

We left Galena Ill. And headed toward our destination Deerfield Illinois, by going this route we missed the toll roads. It was a lot slower but we were in no hurry and could see some beautiful country side. We arrived that afternoon at our Motel, Chicago Marriott Suites Deerfield. This Motel was very nice and the USS Monticello Reunion Occupied the Seventh Floor which was the top floor. We checked in went up to our room unpacked and rested for a bit. Then we went to a Meeting room which was also on the seventh floor plus it had a nice patio to set out on which overlooked a nice park. We could also see the buildings of Chicago off in the distance; I met a lot of the men who had served on the Mo Boat that was what we called the USS Monticello. These men served when the ship was first built all the way up to when it was decommissioned. We were hungry and tired so we went out and got us a Pizza. Lou Malnati’s Pizza Buffalo Grove rd. Cook Illinois, we all enjoyed the pizza. The girls had a vegetable pizza so I ordered my own sausage pizza.

P1090511 P1090514 P1090515 P1090516 P1090517


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