On the road again (C)

Before our trip Charlotte had been looking at an Illinois book that we picked up from Triple A. She spotted a town on the river that was a civil war port so we decided to go there. After leaving Pella Iowa we headed toward Illinois. We love following the mighty Mississippi River so we got of the main highway when we P1090459reached the river and headed north toward Galena Ill. This is a beautiful town with a lot of history, the down town goes right down to the river it is protected by a tall levee and at one end are these two large gates that can be shut to protect the town from flooding. We did not get pictures of the gates but if you have Google Earth you can type in Galena Ill. Zoom in and you can see the gates. Ulysses S Grant lived here; the town built P1090500and gave him this home to thank him for his service in the Civil War. Grant was also our 18th President of the United States. We stayed in a nice motel up P1090460on a hill just outside of town, I did not notice until the next morning that you could see the river off in the distance it was a nice view of the country side. Oh yes did I mention that I had to take the girls back down town so they could shop, well it was not too bad though I P1090507found a little coffee shop so I got a latte and went outside sit down on a bench and watched the people go by.

P1090465 P1090470 P1090474

P1090477 P1090479 P1090487 P1090488 P1090491 P1090492 P1090493 P1090502 P1090503 P1090508 P1090509 P1090510



16 thoughts on “On the road again (C)

    • It probable was ready to be carved but if you noticed the grin on my face you could tell that my wife was making me and our daughter pose for the picture. Have a blessed day. Jim


    • Thank you for your reading my blog. I do enjoy watching people for we all act and do funny things some times. And when you get my wife and daughter together no matter where we are at you know there will be shopping. Have a blessed day. Jim


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