On the road again (B)

After leaving Winterset Iowa we drove to Pella Iowa, our daughter also wanted to see this town because we had talked about it so much. Charlotte wanted another shake with the Dutch letter pastry in it but we did not realize that the ice cream place was seasonal and it was closed. We went to our motel and checked in freshened up a little then drove around town looking at all the wonderful buildings, we stopped at the town square I set back and watched the people walk by while Charlotte and Ce went, you guessed it shopping ugh. The next morning we went back down town and the girls did a little more shopping then went through the Pella Historical Village, this also was where Wyatt Earp lived but that did not impress CeAnne like it did me so she did not go through his home. When they finished that they listened to the bells and watched the glockenspiel, then we went to the two bakeries in town bought some goodies and off we went toward Illinois.

P1090452 P1090453 P1090454

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6 thoughts on “On the road again (B)

    • Thank you. I did just notice the other day a note on my blog that said I may start seeing ads on the blogs I posted. That is why I put the note in my blog saying that I had not put them there. Have a blessed day. Jim


  1. Welcome to Illinois!!!! Home of the chicago Botanic Garden and Fabulous Lake front in Chicago and the Magnificent Mile, and the Amazing Art Institute and Lake Shore Drive, the North Avenue Rocks and State Street and Michigan Avenue and the museums. Enjoy. Have fun. Get your picture taken in front of the Bean and Bandstand:0 Okay, save a minute for relatives but have fun in the city:) Sounds like you’re having a great trip…keep up the good work:) LOL Oh, there’s a reallllly tiny covered bridge in Long Grove but it’s not worth the trip. Only one car length long and one car at a time.


  2. I used to work around the corner from the Pella Glockenspiel many moons ago. I’m sure the town has changed a lot in twenty years. We were actually in Holland, MI over the weekend and I’ll have to say, the Pella I knew seems to have held onto the Dutch character more than current Holland but then, working in a town can give more of an insight into the heritage than just a weekend visit. And the seasonal bit could play a part in how much we experienced as well. Dutch towns are always beautiful and well cared for in the corners in any season. I hope to someday return at Tulip Time!


    • Thank you for reading my blog. We do like Pella and we too would like to go back during tulip time. My wife talked to a lady in Pella and she told her that the last two years that the city has not done as well as they had in the past. Have a blessed day. Jim


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