On the road again

We have been planning a trip to Deerfield Illinois for my navy ships reunion. We decided to go early to my daughter’s home in Kansas but on the way instead of driving straight threw we would stop in Ada Oklahoma to see Charlotte’s aunt Betty, and then to Krebs Oklahoma and see my cousin Danny, we have not seen them for a few years and usually it would be at some ones funereal, so this time we wanted to see them just because we wanted too. It was still dark when we left Amarillo heading east and there was just a sliver of a moon,P1090405 I was surprised it showed up this good considering I was doing about 75 MPH and Charlotte’s took this out the window of the car. After visiting the kinfolks we headed to P1090406Tulsa Oklahoma where we spent the night. I wanted to look at some motor-homes, and travel trailers at one of the camper places where our son had purchased his travel trailer. I found a motor-home I liked and Charlotte found a travel trailer she liked, needless to say we did not buy one yet.

I am not responsible for any adds that might be put on this site. I was told that this was a free sight, but unless I pay 30.00 dollars a year WordPress will put advertisement on my site.


21 thoughts on “On the road again

    • Thank You my wife will be tickled for she was the one who took the picture. I had asked her if she wanted me to pull over and stop the car, but she said no and snapped the picture. Have a blessed day. Jim


  1. Love the moon photo. I agree about the ads. I’m getting them on mine as well and I don’t want them either. I hope your trip was memorable and fun:) Deerfield…you could have gone to the Chicago Botanic Garden…it’s SOOOO close. Then you could have had the Mac & Cheese:)


    • We had talked about going to the Botanic Garden but the wife and daughter went into Chicago a couple of times and we had a lot going on with the reunion, plus I wanted to go up to the great lakes training center, so we just ran out of time. We will need to come back some time when we can have more time. Have a blessed day. Jim


    • I liked the motor home and Charlotte liked the 26′ trailer. I thank we decided not to get one though for with the price of fuel and the price of the units we can stay in motels. Hope y’all are having fun on your trip looks like you re covering lots of miles and seeing lots of country. Have a blessed day and keep safe. Jim


    • Tell him I said thank you for his service and if he has half as a good time at his ships reunion as I did mine he will have a blast. Have a blessed day. Jim As for me paying the 30 dollars it is not going to happen.


  2. Your trip sounds similar to one I made about 40 years ago! I wonder if the scenery has changed much? That’s a spectacular shot of the moon! Thanks for ‘liking’ everything I post on my Writing for Self-Discovery blog! I feel like we’re old friends!


    • Well thank you friend and it was a beautiful drive. As far as the moon goes we live in the flat Texas panhandle and we do get some great shots of the moon, sunrises, and sunsets. Have a wonderful day and a great weekend. Jim


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