Happy Birthday Noah (4 Years Old)

Our youngest grandson turned four years old and he wanted to celebrate at Chuckee Cheese Pizza. He was the king that night so he got to wear a crown, eat cake and ice cream, oh yea also pizza, then played some games and earned tickets to win prizes after it was all over. He had it made for he also hit it big with all the presents from the grandparents, parents, aunt and uncles, and cousins. His cake was in triangles, I asked his mother why and she said he gave her strict orders to make his cake in triangles. He had told his Mama that she had to make a cake also so we had them over the next day and let him and his brother have some more birthday cake.

P1090327 P1090329 P1090333 P1090340 P1090350 P1090352 P1090353 P1090368 P1090383 P1090396


23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Noah (4 Years Old)

    • Thank you. He was at Mama and Poppy last night, he and his brother are so much fun and the best part is when they have too much sugar we get to send them home;).
      Have a blessed day.


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