Handicap Patrol.

Have you every parked in a handicap spot when you were not disabled? I have seen parking lots where there were no place to park except for the handicap parking spot. But that does not give you the right to park their, those spots or there for a reason and that is to let people with disabilities have a place to park, so that they do not have to walk so far. I have had bad knees for years but even so I would not park in a handicap spot because I did not have a handicap placard on my car. But it would always bother me when I would see someone pull into a handicap spot and run into the store or whatever, then I would see a handicap person have to park further away and then walk so far to the store. The Amarillo Police department has a Handicap patrol made up with volunteers; we are trained and then sworn in by a judicial judge. We are then authorized to go around town in a handicap patrol car and give out citations to the cars that do not have a placard or tag. It is quit expensive which you would thank would stop people from parking in these spots. So I would advise you not to park in one of these spots unless you have the proper tag or placard hanging on your mirror. Oh bye the way we do not get paid for this it is just to help give back for the handicap people and our community



My heart & Second Stent

Saturday June first I had the heart attack and had to have a stent put into the right side of my heart. I had a follow up visit with my regular heart doctor and he did the usual checkup and told me all looked well with my blood pressure but said he would like to have me do a stress test. We set that up for the first part of August to give my heart time to heal from the attack and the new stent. I went in to have the stress test and they asked if I could do it on the treadmill and of course I said yes. They put the nuclear dye in my body then took pictures of my heart, then we went around to the treadmill and I started walking, my heart rate was at 98 when I started and I was told it would need to get up to 130. I walked about 5 minutes and it was getting steep like I was going uphill and my heart rate was about 117. My legs were turning to jelly I just could not go any more so I told them they would have to stop or they would be picking me up off the floor. They stopped it and then they did a chemical stress test on me, then I went back in to have more pictures taken of my heart. When we checked out the receptionist set another appointment and said if they do not find anything they would call and cancel the appointment. That’s right they did not call and so I kept the appointment, when we saw the doctor he said that I was having problems with the front chamber of my heart and that he would need to do a heart cath. He told me that he could do this in his office but if it turned out that I needed another stent then I would have to go to the hospital. So we decided that we would have the heart cath. done in the hospital and that way if I needed a stent he could go ahead and put it in. Well I did need another one so on Friday the 13th I went in to the hospital, had the heart cath. and stent put in, and 24 hours later I came home which that is where I am at right now. Thanks for listening to my story but I want you to know that some people have told me that they would not have had it done on Friday the 13th, I just told them that I am not superstitious for I have God with me and that He will take care of me no matter what.

Happy Birthday Noah (4 Years Old)

Our youngest grandson turned four years old and he wanted to celebrate at Chuckee Cheese Pizza. He was the king that night so he got to wear a crown, eat cake and ice cream, oh yea also pizza, then played some games and earned tickets to win prizes after it was all over. He had it made for he also hit it big with all the presents from the grandparents, parents, aunt and uncles, and cousins. His cake was in triangles, I asked his mother why and she said he gave her strict orders to make his cake in triangles. He had told his Mama that she had to make a cake also so we had them over the next day and let him and his brother have some more birthday cake.

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