The Flag

The store bought flag pole that fit in a holder attached to the house finely P1090292broke. I had been doing without putting a flag out for a good while I told Charlotte I would like a flag pole to where if the flag needs to be flown at half-mast I could do that. So I went out and bought 10 foot of ¾ galvanized pipe, a pulley, some rope, a couple clasp and an anchor then made my own flag pole. Now I can not only fly it but if the need calls I can lower it to half-mast.  I do bring it in every night before dark and put it out at sun rise, I haven’t decided yet to set up a light where I can fly it at night.


11 thoughts on “The Flag

  1. Love this patriotism! Reminds me of Old Man Jack… One weekend, I forgot to bring in the flag at dusk… The next morning, Old Man Jack meandered over, knocked on my door and said in his sailor speak, “Hey. Ya don’t leave the colors out if you don’t light it up!” I was going to reply that I had just forgot…but knew better. Said I was sorry and thanks…for the reminder…and lived another day! 🙂


    • That was a great story about the colors and I imagine you won’t do that again. It was hammered into my brain as I was growing up. First in school, then in boy scouts and then in the Navy. I never will forget while I was in grade school I thank it was third grade me and one other boy was to put the flag up every morning, we were talking and not paying attention and we hung it up side down, needles to say we got into trouble and was not allowed to do that any more.
      Have a blessed and wonderful day.


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