A great day with some of my family

Yesterday was our 48th wedding anniversary and we had a great day. First we took our usual walk in the neighborhood. We had talked about going someplace but we everywhere we would like to go is so far away. I told Charlotte to pick someplace where she would like to eat and as usual we, “she” really could not think of any place for we always go to the same old places. So I ended up taking her to Johnny Carino’s, and she had one of her favorite meals Pecan crusted salmon and I had Italian sausage spaghetti. Our Amarillo kids had gone down to Palo Duro Canyon to get one last camping in before school started and they had invited us to come down for supper. It was a beautiful day to go down, it was a little warm but setting in the shade was not too bad, plus their new camping trailer had air conditioning. While we were setting around the campfire we saw a turkey and some deer walking around the campsites. When it started getting dark we roasted some marshmallows to make smores and then told some ghost stories of course they weren’t to scary because the little ones told most of the stories. At the end of a wonderful day we came home and we had a phone message from my cousin wishing us a happy anniversary and a wedding anniversary card left in our door from Charlotte’s cousin.

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25 thoughts on “A great day with some of my family

    • Thank you and yes it is wonderful that we have a state park only 25 miles away where we can enjoy natures beauty not only in the landscape but also the wildlife.
      Have a blessed day in the Lord.


      • Mate I would Award you either way…They are just a fun part of Word Press…
        As I said, if you don’t do Awards Jim, please, pass it to a friend who does them.
        And same, enjoyment of writing. Some of the best people I met on here were through Awards..

        Thanks for being honest Jim


  1. Belated anniversary congratulations to you and your wife. 48 years is an astounding achievement in today’s day and age, and is a pleasure to hear and read about. Blessings for many, many more years of happiness together…


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