Riley 6 years old

RileyAbout 4 months ago our youngest grandson Noah had his tonsils removed; you may have read my blog on it. Well last Monday August 5th his brother Riley who is six years old had to have his tonsils removed. I guess because he saw is little brother in the hospital gown and the last June he saw his papa in a gown and I made the comment that I was in a dress, well he gave his dad strict orders not to take his picture in that Hospital gown. I thought about it when we were there but I was too busy laughing at him after they had given him his medicine to make him groggy. He was telling me that he could see two of me and his mama, and that his mommy had two heads. He wanted to get up and walk but you could tell how woozy he was just setting in his dads lap. They brought the little man back in after removing his tonsil after about 45 minutes, it was sad seeing him crying because it was hurting, but after about thirty minutes he was watching cartoons and drink plenty of water and juice. After about 3 more hours he was home and eating ice cream it is so amazing how fast they can heal at that age. I remember when his daddy had his taken out, Jeff was about 19 years old and he really had it rough his throat would not stop bleeding and we had to take him in to get it cauterized and it finely healed. I highly recommend if any of your kids need to have this done please have done while they are young. Picture was take two weeks before his tonsil were taken out. If I get some pictures from his dad after the operation I will post it then, I got these pictures tonight 08/07/13 of Riley two days after his surgery and of course his brother Noah.Noah with his milkshake Riley with his milkshake

15 thoughts on “Riley 6 years old

  1. I agree if tonsils need to come out then at young age is best. My daughter was 7 when we had to have them taken out as they were causing ongoing health issues etc – the best part was EATING AS MUCH ICE CREAM AS SHE WANTED DURING THE RECOVERY! πŸ™‚


  2. Yes, they told me mine needed taking out as a kid, but didn’t. By the time I was 12, they told me it was too late and it would cause problems to take them out. I wish they’d just yanked them when I was 5.


    • I hope your not still having problems with them. I know my son did have complications with his but it has helped him sence he finally had them out. Have a blessed day. Jim


  3. When Matt was in preschool they were already teaching the kids “Say no to drugs.” He had to go into the hospital for a hernia repair and after they gave him some sort of pre-op “happy pill” so he would not get anxious about leaving us to go to the surgery room, he got really silly and said “DON’T say no to drugs!” We still laugh about that. You are right, the younger they are, the easier it all seems to go. We are blessed that our kids have good health care.


    • That is very true for when I had my tonsils out I remember they used ether to put me out, and to this day just smelling ether give me head aces. and I do not remember having any other pain med afterwords. Jim’s


  4. I agree to have them out when young for a faster recovery and fewer complications. I’ll never forget when my son had his out in kindergarten – he took his stuffed animal Tigger into the OR with him, and when they wheeled my son into the recovery room, Tigger had on a hospital mask, a hair net and his EKG tape in hand. Wonderful, caring pediatric staff.


    • That was so nice of the staff to do that to Tigger. We were in Riley’s room when the brought him out of recovery, the staff was nice but they did nothing like your sons staff did. Jim


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