Daily Living

We went to a bible study Wednesday night and this is what the lesson was about. I know that I can’t do as well as the pastor who led the study and I cannot take notes as fast as he could talk so this will be mostly my interpretation. The word of God is God talking and I believe what He is telling me.

Have you ever wondered what would make our daily living easer? What I am about to talk about will only work for the families who have Christ in their lives? Here is God’s Plan for Daily Living. First read Colossian 3:17-25.

Ok now answer these questions.

  1. Whatever you do, do it all in the ____________ of Jesus.
  2. Match the Number word, with the letter word.

_____ (1) Wives                  (A) Love

_____ (2) Husbands            (B) Submit

_____ (3) Children              (C) Obey

3. Fathers do not embitter your ___________.

4.T ____ F ____ Slaves were to obey their earthly masters only when the masters were watching them.

5. Slaves were to obey with sincerity of _________ and Reverence for the _________.

6.Remember in all we do we are __________ for the Lord.

7. You will receive an ____________ from the Lord as a reward.

8.Anyone who does wrong will be ________ for his wrong.

Answers and also what I feel is what the Lord was and is telling us. The answers are right out of the bible and my thought is how I have interrupted it and how I try to live my life.

  1. Whatever you do, do in the Name of Jesus

All relationship guided by “what is fitting to the Lord”, our principles for life, can we do whatever we do in the name of Jesus

2. Match:

Submit (1) Wives

Love (2) Husbands

Obey (3) Children

This is only for Christen marriages, for non-christens will take this totally out of context of what God is telling us. If the christen man is following God and putting Him first thin the woman will want to submit to his leadership.

The Husband is to love his wife as Jesus loved us. Jesus loved us so much that he gave His life for us and that is the way we are to love our wives, with unconditional love.

Children are to obey their parents. If we raise them the way God tells us to raise them they will respect us and other adults. I was raised with a christen farther and he did discipline me with a spanking when and only when I deserved it and I loved and respected him along with my teachers or any other authority. I also raised my children this way and I have their love and respect.

3. Fathers do not embitter your Children.

We are not to over discipline our children to the point where they or bitter to or with others.

    4. False Slaves were to obey their earthly masters only when the masters were watching them.

5. Slave were to obey with sincerity of Heart and reverence for the Lord

Praise God we no longer have slaves or masters here in the United States and I pray that it no longer exist in the world. The closes thing that I can come to this is our jobs, we are to work like we are working for the Lord and do the job the best we can, not only when the boss is looking but at all times.

6. Remember in all we do we are Working for the Lord

This not only applies to the men but also for the women and children.

7. You will receive an Inheritance from the Lord as a reward.

Jesus tells us that He went before us to build a mansion for us when we go home to be with the Farther. John 14:2

8. Anyone who does wrong will be  Repaid for his wrong.

God will not play favorites with us, so we will be punished for our wrong doings. I do not know what all this in tells but I do know this that I will take whatever I deserve and be happy because I will be with the Farther. Amen.


A great day with some of my family

Yesterday was our 48th wedding anniversary and we had a great day. First we took our usual walk in the neighborhood. We had talked about going someplace but we everywhere we would like to go is so far away. I told Charlotte to pick someplace where she would like to eat and as usual we, “she” really could not think of any place for we always go to the same old places. So I ended up taking her to Johnny Carino’s, and she had one of her favorite meals Pecan crusted salmon and I had Italian sausage spaghetti. Our Amarillo kids had gone down to Palo Duro Canyon to get one last camping in before school started and they had invited us to come down for supper. It was a beautiful day to go down, it was a little warm but setting in the shade was not too bad, plus their new camping trailer had air conditioning. While we were setting around the campfire we saw a turkey and some deer walking around the campsites. When it started getting dark we roasted some marshmallows to make smores and then told some ghost stories of course they weren’t to scary because the little ones told most of the stories. At the end of a wonderful day we came home and we had a phone message from my cousin wishing us a happy anniversary and a wedding anniversary card left in our door from Charlotte’s cousin.

P1090165 P1090304 P1090306 P1090310 P1090315 P1090316 P1090320 P1090321

The Flag

The store bought flag pole that fit in a holder attached to the house finely P1090292broke. I had been doing without putting a flag out for a good while I told Charlotte I would like a flag pole to where if the flag needs to be flown at half-mast I could do that. So I went out and bought 10 foot of ¾ galvanized pipe, a pulley, some rope, a couple clasp and an anchor then made my own flag pole. Now I can not only fly it but if the need calls I can lower it to half-mast.  I do bring it in every night before dark and put it out at sun rise, I haven’t decided yet to set up a light where I can fly it at night.

48 Wonderful Years

our weddingThis a very special week and it comes every 12P1080753 months. It is 48 years this week and for me the day is August 22. The love of my life and best friend agreed to marry me and we said our, I does on August 22 1965. People say our honey moon lasted at least 20 years, well I have news for them in my opinion it is going on still. I have been retired now for about a year and a half and we are together pretty much 24-7 and we are having a wonderful time. When my wife reads this I want her to know that I love her just as much today as I did when we said our wedding vowels those few short years ago.

The reason this week is so special is my cousin John and his wife Nancy married the 20th of the same year and then came to Amarillo for our wedding. Charlotte’s cousin Richard who was my boss at the time was my best man and his wife Laverne was the maid of honor was married on the 22nd the year before. So I would like to take this time to wish them a happy 48th and 49th wedding anniversary.

Sunset Cruse Texas

Our Houston kids have been taking sailing lessons and or now qualified to take sailing boats out in the Gulf of Mexico. They have one more class where they go out for three days and so Mama and I went down to watch the boys. We used to call it baby setting but not anymore because one of them is eighteen and the other one is fifteen. I thank my son was using that as an excuse to get us down here, as if we needed an excuse we would come down at the drop of a hat. Our kids have leased a 31 foot sailboat for a year and so our first night there we took the boat out into Galveston bay near Kemah Texas. The eighteen year old was at football practice and was unable to go with us on the boat, it was only about 20 minutes from where the kids live to Kemah where the boat is docked, so after our daughter-in-law got of work she met up with us. We had supper then got on board the boat then off we sailed. We had such a good time and watching my son and daughter-in-law who was raised in the Texas panhandle along ways away from water handle the boat and sails. We would sail with the wind and against the wind; they had no problems handling the boat. My fifteen year old grandson was an excellent mate handling the sails when his dad told him what to do he was more than happy to do it.


Jeremy and Colten


Jeremy and Charlotte


Colten 2nd Mate








Aubry 1st Mate




Kemah by Houston Texas

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Riley 6 years old

RileyAbout 4 months ago our youngest grandson Noah had his tonsils removed; you may have read my blog on it. Well last Monday August 5th his brother Riley who is six years old had to have his tonsils removed. I guess because he saw is little brother in the hospital gown and the last June he saw his papa in a gown and I made the comment that I was in a dress, well he gave his dad strict orders not to take his picture in that Hospital gown. I thought about it when we were there but I was too busy laughing at him after they had given him his medicine to make him groggy. He was telling me that he could see two of me and his mama, and that his mommy had two heads. He wanted to get up and walk but you could tell how woozy he was just setting in his dads lap. They brought the little man back in after removing his tonsil after about 45 minutes, it was sad seeing him crying because it was hurting, but after about thirty minutes he was watching cartoons and drink plenty of water and juice. After about 3 more hours he was home and eating ice cream it is so amazing how fast they can heal at that age. I remember when his daddy had his taken out, Jeff was about 19 years old and he really had it rough his throat would not stop bleeding and we had to take him in to get it cauterized and it finely healed. I highly recommend if any of your kids need to have this done please have done while they are young. Picture was take two weeks before his tonsil were taken out. If I get some pictures from his dad after the operation I will post it then, I got these pictures tonight 08/07/13 of Riley two days after his surgery and of course his brother Noah.Noah with his milkshake Riley with his milkshake