Back in the 70’s

I thought everyone needed a good laugh, back in the mid 70’s I was into CB radios. I used to talk on regular channels and what they called shooting skip on the upper channels. I get so mad at Me and CBpeople talking and texting on their cell phones. Thin after seeing this picture I remembered how I used to talk on the CB while driving, turning corners and wrapping the mike cord around the steering wheel, it was a wonder that I did not have a wreck. I would not go anywhere without my radio, and when I would get home I would remove it from the car take it into the house and hook it up on what was called a base antenna. We had twin boys so our CB handles were double daddy, the wife was mama two, our daughter was precious pup, and the twins were twiddle Dee, and twiddle dum. I would say we had a lot of fun with it but the truth is I was the one who enjoyed it. I guess the most trouble I got into with my wife was one year at New Years instead of kissing my wife at midnight I got on the CB and wished everyone a happy New Year, I remember the disappointed look on her face and I swore I would never do a stupid thing like that again.


22 thoughts on “Back in the 70’s

    • I do still see them in the big rig trucks. Mine is in the garage setting on a shelf, don’t know if is still works. I shot skip all over back in the day had a great time. I was also called BDX 623 Big Dummy Xray 623. Have a great day. Jim


  1. I was also wondering if they still use them. I was thinking about that the other day as I am getting ready for a big trip and remember the days when the CB in vehicle was a must. It probably would interfere with my ipod playing these days. 🙂


    • I think the truck drivers still use them but I don’t see many cars with antennas on them. You are right though they may interfere with all the electronic in cars now days.


  2. Citizen Band radio was a lot of fun until the feds decided to deregulate it. I had a buddy whose dad had a very nice base setup with a fancy motorized antenna for moving around to “shoot skip” on side-band. I really miss those days.

    It would be really great to 10-19 back in time, but since I can’t, I’m going 10-7 for the night. Clear channel.


    • It would be fun, I had thought about getting my short wave licenses but that is as far as I got. Have a great day good buddy and I will be 10-27 to the blog. Have a great day. Jim (Double Daddy)


  3. I remember as a kid, my uncle, who was a colonel in the armed forces, have a cb and a zillion friends chatting back and forth…he was as much into that as we are the internet.


  4. my aunties used to find signals for some ‘live guys’ back in the day while I used to sit around and watch them. If i remember correctly, one even scored a date (didn’t last long).

    I’m sure they would be picking up dates left right and centre these days with social media 😉


  5. This is a cute story. Loved your CB handles and the story about wishing everyone Happy New Year at midnight. People do that now on Facebook, sometimes ignoring their own family in person. I remember the days when CBs were big, although I never had one. I wonder whether truckers keep in touch with one another like that now that cell phones are ubiquitous.


    • Thank you for your comment, and I wonder about the truckers also. I was a diesel mechanic before I retired and I noticed the trucks had CB’s in them and I notice the CB antennas on the truck now days so I figure they still talk with each other going down the road. Have a wonderful day. Jim


    • Yes I might have been texting, but the wife and I decided we did not want to text so we told our service provider that we did not want to receive or send text. Maybe we are just to old fashion. 😉 Jim


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