I could use a little genealogy help

We are members of the local Amarillo Genealogy Society. We meet once a month at our down town library, we met last night and had a ferly short meeting due to the fact one of our officers quit and he was the one responsible to get speakers or a program for the meetings. I volunteered to take this job on and I have no earthly Ideal on what to do, but I do know that I would like to keep are society going. I guess what I am asking is if any of you have any good Ideal’s that I might be able to use I would appreciate it if you could pass them on to me. I do know we do not have much money to work with now but maybe we can grow big enough to where we could hire speakers to come in. Thank you a head of time for any suggestions you might be able to give me. May God bless each one of you? Jim



15 thoughts on “I could use a little genealogy help

  1. Some random thoughts.

    Have a brick wall night, where each person brings in one of their brick wall ancestor. Then every one barn storms of what to try to break down the brick wall.

    Local cemetery tours

    Many speakers would speak for free from, cemetery associations, Town and county historical societies, someone from the D.A.R., local advance genealogist, and local authors who have written books about the area.

    Do research at the meeting with lap tops with everyone helping each other.

    Have members give presentations on their research, family, or how to do something. A show and tell even.

    How ever I think each meeting should have on line research through the library. The library I teach at has a subscription to ancestry.com and of course you have Family search to use.

    Poll your members see what they want.

    I hope these hints give you some ideas.


    • These are some great Ideal’s we also have ancestry.com at our library. I will research our cemetery’s and the other suggestions you gave. I thank you so much for your help and I have a month before the next meeting so with this info I am sure we can get something going. Have a wonderful day and thank’s again. Jim


  2. I love that stuff and you have some great ideas above Jim – perhaps you could also collect old photographs of people by century or half century etc and make a collage panel etc that can be mounted on stands and exhibited in libraries around the area – that’s an activity for “working” meetings perhaps and team work that bonds the members further in keeping the people history alive? Have fun and lots more.


    • Thank you and that sounds like a good ideal plus it would be good advertisement for the A.G.S. and might bring more people to the meetings. Have a blessed evening, Jim


  3. On Ancestry. com, put in the name you are researching, and go to Members trees. These are people who have done research on the same person. You don’t have to take their word for it, but those who have stories, pictures and lots of data are the ones to look at. Then you can look up census’s. some may not be your person, but when you hit yours you will know after you have done some research. also will show you where they lived at the time, also military files, search all of those. They also do DNA, which I have done, but you need an expert to read the dumb things. Good Luck. If you ever run across a
    mistake on the Cowden book I did, let me know so I can correct it. Jean


    • Thank you Jean and it is great to here from you. I know Charlotte has found a lot on the Guyette name but I am not sure about the Cowden. I will tell her that I heard from you on this blog, we love you all and have been talking about coming up that way again just not sure when. Jim.


  4. I don’t have specific suggestions, but it sounds like you’ll be embarking on a wonderful adventure as an officer of the genealogical society. I’m feel confident that you’ll do an awesome job–and look forward to reading future posts about what you do.


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