Amarillo Southwest Life Magazine

It has been a few months since Charlotte was interviewed about her 50Amarillo Southwest Magazine Charlotte 50 years playing years with the Amarillo Symphony. When she went out to get the mail yesterday 06/22/13 there was a magazine called Amarillo Southwest Life in the mailbox. She was reading it and there she was in the magazine it was talking about her being with the symphony for 50 years, her picture which our son Jeff took and an interview with our three children. Needless to say she was quit surprised when she was reading it for she had no idea that the kids had written these articles. She was so cute watching her reaction for she is quit shy when it comes to being recognized about anything so watching her face was neat I just wish I had been ready with the camera had taking a picture of it.


37 thoughts on “Amarillo Southwest Life Magazine

  1. Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination
    I have nominated your blog for this award. I sincerely hope you will accept and then nominate and encourage other inspiring blogs. Please read the rules and responsibilities on the link below. Keep up the great writing and photography.
    Namaste. . . .. Anne. . . .Smile


    • Thank you but I am not doing any of my blogs for rewards just out of pleasure of posting and reading others. I do feel pleased that you thank I should have this award. Have a blessed day. Jim


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