Heart check up

It has been 19 days since I had my heart attack. I went to my heart doctor today for a follow up visit, my usual heart doctor happened to be out of town the weekend that it happened and so a Heart doctor that was on call put in my stent. Any way I followed up with my doctor, they did an electro cardiogram of my heart and he said I had very little damage praise the Lord. I feel recognizing the signals and acting so fast getting help here to me and then getting to the hospital so fast is what helped me the most. So please be alert for these signals so you too can survive a heart attack.


31 thoughts on “Heart check up

  1. Oh my…I didn’t realize you’d had a heart-attack. I’m so happy to hear that all is well and you’ve suffered little damage! This is very good news indeed!


    • Thank you it has been 1 month yesterday and I feel the best I have felt in a long time, plus I have lost 15 ponds and my blood sugar is down where it should be. Have a wonderful day. Jim


    • I would think that a brain tumor would take your mind off of your heart. Praise God I only had the one stent and now I am doing fine I pray that you heal now with your surgery and can get back to some kind of normalcy. Jim


  2. My goodness!! OH MY GOODNESS! Oh goodness….well, it sounds like you are doing well now – praise the Lord indeed! Sounds a little bit like serendipity!


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