The Forging of a Nation

History                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           CeAnne Harbin

September 29, 1986                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Period – Four

Extra Credit – “WashingtonWashington Extra credit

The teacher wrote “Organization superb- could be strengthened by specific example. 100 substitute grade + 20”

In history we learn about accomplishments of historical figures. Georg Washington was the first president. Alexander Hamilton first saw the need to form a union with in the thirteen colonies. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration on Independence.

Believe it or not, these mighty leaders were human too. They had fears and weaknesses just like you and me.

George Washington looked for his support through his wife Martha. She was his best friend he trusted her with all his secrets. Imagine, our first president leaned on his wife more than his government helpers. To some this would seem a bad move. But Martha was a strong, faithful, and intelligent woman. Teacher wrote in the margin “giving a specific example would have added strength to your paper”. In fact Mr. Washington did the United States a great favor by leaning on Martha. She gave confidence and stood behind what he thought was right.

Alexander Hamilton’s wife became ill after child-birth and, at first, couldn’t be with him. He was all alone in a situation that he needed his wife’s love and support. Mr. Hamilton was so desperate for some type of encouragement that he began having an affair. His mistresses’ Teachers note “ I don’t think you could ever use this term. Hamilton was trapped by foolishness. Mistress is a choice long-term relationship”. Husband had left her and she was stuck in a place Teachers note “ The woman with whom he had an affair was also alone” where she didn’t know anyone. So, see even the highly regarded Mr. Hamilton made some bad decisions. His wife came back and got back on the right road. He wasn’t a bad man, just a person with needs that couldn’t be met at the time.

Jefferson was a strict conservative. He believed that what the constitution said was the absolute rule. No flexibility! No exceptions! But even he gave in when Napoleon offered him Louisiana and the Mississippi river. But the constitution said nothing about buying land from other countries. In his haste to get it before Napoleon changed his mind, he did something he swore he’d never do. No flexibility! No exceptions!

Everything turned out okay, but I’m sure at first he thought he was the worst hypocrite on earth.

George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson, were all mighty, glorious leaders. Yet all were humans with fears and weaknesses.


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  3. Thank you so much for being a faithful follower of my small ephemera blog!

    I finally came over to see your site today, and I’m amazed by the wonderful memories you are sharing here, giving us all a peak into your family lives, both now and before.

    I guess I’m about the same age as your daughter CeAnn, I’d love to think that my dad would have been collecting my cards and writings from when I was a child. Unfortunately I lost him to a terrible accident when I was only 12. I grew up with a grand mother that never threw anything away, thus I spent many a day up in the attic shifting through old boxes, and she always let me play with her yarn, buttons and all sorts of paper. During the 90ies, much of her stuff was disposed, I now collect and cherish every little piece I have left from her, my dad, and the rest of my family.

    Love & Light
    Gunnvor Karita


    • Thank you so much for you kind comment. My wife gets the kudos for saving these things for she was a stay at home mom and I was always working. But we always took time to take vacations with the kids and stayed close with them. Have a wonderful and Blessed week. Jim


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