Celebrating another birthday.

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Well this is my 67th birthday and considering I had a heart attack just five days before. I feel truly blessed by God by me doing so well and to be able to have the kids over. My wife and boys cooked a good health meal and my 3-year-old grandson sang happy birthday to me while the 6-year-old was giving me a birthday spanking because just a few short weeks ago I was giving him one for his birthday, needless to say he gave up after about 20 swats he said he was getting tired even though he could count that high. My oldest son who by the way is only two minutes older than Jeff was able to come up from Houston because he was worried about his old man. So he was here for my birthday also and I loved that I just wish his wife and my other two grandsons could have come. The 13-year-old did call me though and wished me a happy birthday, and then the 16-year-old got on the phone and my daughter-in-law, so I got to talk with them and hear their B-day wishes. My oldest child was not able to come up then but she will be here for fatherโ€™s day, so here again I am truly blessed to have a loving God and a loving family.


18 thoughts on “Celebrating another birthday.

    • Thank you. Wish I had known about the butter for I could have used it back on June first, maybe I would not have had the heart attack. ๐Ÿ™‚ but praise God with Him I did not need luck for He pulled me through. Have a wonderful happy and blessed day. Jim


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