Seeing my daughter for the first time

It’s getting close to time for my ship to deploy back overseas so I was able to take some time off to take Charlotte back home to Amarillo TX. While home we had a studio Picture taken. This was in 1969 but I am not sure of Jim & Charlottethe month but I remember Charlotte was starting show with her pregnancy with our baby, at this time we did not know if it was a boy or a girl. It seemed that I was there a couple of days but the two weeks were up and I had to head back to the ship. The ship had just left Hawaii heading back to Vietnam when I got the word from the Red Cross saying I was the proud father of a baby girl. I remember that I was so happy when I got this card in the mail and I was Card fom CeAnne CeAnneable to see my daughter for the first time. The wife and I also sent each other cassette tape’s so we could hear each other’s voice so I also was able to hear CeAnne cooing and I knew that she was saying da da. She was six months old before I was able to see her in person and I swear the next morning when I went in to check on her she looked at me like what are you still doing here.


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