Remembering my kids before I had kids

Charlotte and I married in August of 1965 and we decided we would wait about a year before we would start a family. We lived in Albuquerque NM while Charlotte went to the University of New Mexico we wanted a pet so we found a Beagle pup and named it Fella. When we moved back to Amarillo we decided to start a family, we tried and tried, went to the doctors to get checked out and then tried everything he suggested, but it just did not look like we were going to have any children. We began treating Fella like our kid; I know you can’t tell me that people don’t treat their pets like their children. After a while we got another dog a little Dachshund, Chihuahua mix and we name her Cleo. In 1968 I went into the Navy and was sent over to Vietnam to catch my ship and of course I missed my wife and those two dogs, one day when we had mail call this Hallmark card came and when I Dog card paw prints Dog cardopened it there were the dogs paw print so I took it that they signed the card. Of course all it took for us to get pregnant was being away from each other for six months for she met the ship when we came back to home port San Diego. Poor Fella and Cleo had to take a back seat when our daughter came along.


4 thoughts on “Remembering my kids before I had kids

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