A Spelling Paper from Jeremy age 8

Jeremy Spelling paper FS Jeremy Spelling paper

Spelling                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Jeremy Harbin

April 8 1982                                                                                                                                                                                                                    3-B

My Pet Dolphin

   If I Could have any pet I wanted, I would pick a dolphin. Even if it was not trained I would still want him I would train it. I’d take real good care of my dolphin. I would feed him and make sure he gets lots of love and care. To make sure he got love and care I would swim with him. I’d even give him birthday party ever year. I might give him Christmas presents and other things.

I would let him stay in my grandma’s pool. I could put him in a miniature size pool when we go camping. I wouldn’t have to hide him because my mother would not mind having a dolphin. But the main reason I want a dolphin is because he would be a good friend to me.

I do not remember this paper, we thought it was cute and we both got a big kick out of reading it, thank you son for the memories of your grade school years.


6 thoughts on “A Spelling Paper from Jeremy age 8

  1. Loved the part about keeping the dolphin in the pool! My daughter will be 8 next year. I’m looking forward to what she will be writing like then. I just love the innocence and honesty in children’s work be it artistic or something written like this. – Mary


    • Thank you. Yes I am blessed to find these papers and also watching my grand children who are 17, 13, 6, and a 3 year old all boys it is so much fun watching them. Have a blessed day, Jim


    • Some time I wish we could have kept the kids that age, but then I remember how good it feels when it is just the wife and I and we can see the grand kids. Have a great weekend


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