The day I wish Never Came

“The day I wish never came” By my son Jeremy when he was a first grader

Well its time for another nine more months of school. Anyway I pulled the covers off and slowly put on my new cloths. Then I hear Jeremy time for breakfast you don’t want to be late for school. So I jog into the kitchen then Jeremy Paperso I won’t fall asleep during school.

My mama left and I arrive at school. We find out that I’m in Miss Arington’s and Jeff is in Miss Davison home room. Well Miss Arington gets us all seated then she tells her name. Then she says you are all first graders this is not going to be like last year. Now I am going to start with you and we are going down the row and points to me. I say my first and last name and so does everybody else. Then we stand up and say the pledge. We sit down and she says lets go outside and have P.E. So we walk outside and we vote to play Duck Duck Goose. She picks Kade to be it, Kade tags my

Crude representation of how Duck Duck Goose is...

Crude representation of how Duck Duck Goose is played. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

head and says goose so I get up and chase him I tag him so he has to set in the mush pot. After that we did some exercise and went in to do math, the rest of the day went by pretty fast. Its 2:35 10 more minutes of school. So she has us get our boxes put up and get our coats so we can go home.

Well when we get home mom has baked fresh chocolate chip cookies. Well I eat some cookies while I tell mom how the first day of school went. I told her about everything we did in school.

My dad gets home so we turn from Sesame Street to channel 5 so my dad can watch his favorite show M.A.S.H. while I go in my room and read Daffy Ducks Voyage.

Well the first weeks gone by its been mostly the same stuff. But mom still asked me every day what all we did during school and I told her all over again.

It was the third week of school as soon as everybody is seated. Miss Arrington said everybody I am going to call you up one by one tell me your phone number and some more information. The first one to memorize these things will get a surprise. So she calls us up one by one. All I know is my name and phone number. By the end of the week I’ve said everything. Kade, Mac, and me all get a surprise. It ended up to be a candy bar. We each get a Snicker candy bar.

One day in P.E. we learned a new game that I can’t remember the name of it. See you have six people on one side and six on another and me in the middle and when someone says go you switch sides and try not to be Jeremy Paper New gametagged.


Well it is report card day I make straight S’s. Jeff makes straight S’s to and we get to go to McDonalds and get a real Big Mac. We bragged to everybody that we got a real Big Mac. I don’t know why but whenever we told the teachers they laughed about it. My mom did to. I thought it was neat. My sister didn’t like it one bit but she only made one A and six B’s and one C. She didn’t do well enough to earn one. Anyway she wouldn’t eat it at all like Jeff and me would.

David, me, Kade and Moe were a little bit better in math then the rest of the class. So she has us come up to the reading table. She will give us a lesson on harder problems. Like three thousand nine hundred eighty one plus or minus eight hundred eighty eight. Every once  in a while we accidently mess up but beside that we all do pretty good.

Well everybody is not wearing nice cloths most kids hate school but I don’t know why I love school. I think school is the best thing in the world besides summer.

There’s this new boy named Jimmy no one likes him everyone thanks that he is a brat so Kade and I play with him during breaks. Well when our friends play with us they have to play with him to. Well in about three days almost everybody is friends with him.

Well the next day we me, Jimmy, Kade, David and some other guys start a citizen club that stops fights, pick up trash and always are nice and respectful to our teacher and are principle and other people. Well Miss Arrington thought this was wonderful and hope that we keep it this way. We started having meeting over at my house. My mom fixed Kool-Aid and cookies or something that taste good.

Well when we get into school Miss Arrington all my group we graded everything we did and then right before we left she told us that, right before break she was going to act like she was mad at my group and make us stay in from break, really we were going to make cards for a character in are reading book birthday party. So she has half of us make the cards and the other half take care of refreshments and decorations. Well the party went well except I get a nasty finger in my face.

Well this is it the day I wish never came. The day went fine well let me tell you about it, just a regular day every went well until Miss Arrington said get on top of your desk so we got on top of them while she passed out papers. When she was all through she said get off your desk and line up. So I tried to lift my foot up but it was caught on a bar which caused me to trip. My head crashed into the corner of a desk and cracked my head open. I was rushed to the nurse’s office. My mom had just walked in and followed me to the nurse’s office. Where I was treated and took home.

I never knew about this paper, we were going through some old boxes and we found this. I was reading it and knew I had to share it. I could not believe a first grader could write this and it was written in cursive. Jeremy came up from Houston because of my heart attack and after I came home from the hospital I asked him about this paper. He read it again and said he remembered it and that it brought back good memories.


6 thoughts on “The day I wish Never Came

  1. I can relate to this. My parents often take out old stuff and read what I had to say when I was a child. Hand written notes and letters are so rare these days, its always a treasure. Wishing you good health and happiness and supersonic recovery.


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