My heart

After Stint

After stint

Before Stint

Before stint

Saturday June 1 about 3:00 pm I was setting in my chair with my laptop setting in my lap, Charlotte was on her laptop trying to send an e-mail to a friend but she could not find the address she needed so she asked me if I could look it up. I had just fond it when I started not feeling well, I did not tell Charlotte yet I just closed my laptop, got up and went into the other room my chest started hurting but not bad and then my left are around the elbow started having a burning sensation, I was feeling hot and clammy and it was getting hard to breath. I went back into the living room and told Charlotte that I was not feeling good she could tell that something was up so she asked if I wanted her to take me to the ER I told her no call 911. While she was on the phone with the 911 operator explaining what was happening I could hear the sirens for the fire station is only about three blocks away. Within minutes 4 firemen came walking in the door they asked me a few questions then gave me four little aspirin to chew then in walks the paramedic. They loaded me up in the ambulance and started an IV took vitals and headed out to the hospital. Within about ten minutes we pulled up at the ER I was checked out had an x-ray of the heart told I had a blockage and then in for a stent. Two hours from the time I was hurting in my chair at home I was in the CCU unit at the hospital and feeling great.

I give all the credit to God, for giving all the people that day the knowledge to do what they do best saving people. My son Jeff is a fireman paramedic he had worked for the ambulance company that picked me up and he has worked at the very fire station #3 that came to the house. Back when he was with EMS he used to get so mad at mom and me because when Charlotte kept passing out and I took her to the ER, come to find out she had to have a pacemaker, I did not call an ambulance. He told us that he has had people call for an ambulance who just had stubbed tow, so we should have called for his mom. I contribute that to saving my life for if I had not called 911 I most likely would not be writing this story. My right coronary artery was 100% blocked half way down in my heart so I was not getting any blood to that part of my heart. It was so amazing how fast that I got to feeling better after the stint was installed, in fact I was told that if I had not had the heart attack that I could have gone home the next day but since I did have the heart attack then I would have to stay in CCU at least two days and then transfer to a room for another day or two. Praise the Lord I was able to go home on June the 4th.  A big thank you to the 4 men at fire station 3 and the 2 paramedics at EMS for their dedicated serves to serving the public and for being so professional even though they know my son.

52 thoughts on “My heart

    • Thank you and yes they were amazing I could not see how she could stand in that ambulance with us going down the street and still be able work on me, I did aske her and she said after 17 years of doing that it is second nature. Have a wonderful and Blessed day. Jim


  1. Thank God you had Charlotte call 911. Sometime we try to minimize how we are feeling. Glad you are feeling better. Have a good day.


  2. I’m happy to hear how well things turned out for you! My husband had a heart attack last August, but had none of the classic symptoms so we didn’t realize what was going on until about 48 hours later. He’s allergic to aspirin, so we couldn’t have resorted to that. He had double bypass surgery and is doing fine — didn’t even have any post-surgical pain. And even though it was a serious heart attack he has no damage. We haven’t been married quite nine years and he promised me he’d stick around (my first husband was killed in a farm accident after 34 years of marriage), so it’s a wonderful blessing that this all went so well even though we were so very ignorant. Take care and give yourself plenty of time to recover.


    • Thank you and I am glade your husband came through great also, 48 hr’s is a long time so I would say that the Lord was watching over him also. Sorry about your first husband I have been with my wife almost 48 years and neither one of us know how we would get along with out the other. May God continue blessing you and your family. Jim


      • Thank you, Jim. I love what you said about your marriage — so wonderful. I feel amazed to have shared my life with not one but TWO outstanding men. God is indeed good.


  3. Praising God also for “angels in disguise” and the Holy Spirit that prompts…sometimes physically…to pay attention. Also, thank you for liking my blog posts. Blessings to you and Charlotte.


  4. Heart check up – harbin77

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