A post card from Jeff

I am going to wright this just the way he did if I can make out what he is saying. I believe this was when our scout troop went to the Continental divide in Colorado SW of Denver.

Post marked June 11 1986 which makes him 12 years old. Dear mom & CeAnne the first day we got here 2 hours Β of sehedule and 2day it rained all day long. My tent is on a hill because there wasent much level ground so at night I fall to the bottem of the tent. When I woke up Tuesday morning to do some bussness with the latrine, there was an inch of snow on the ground but it all melted by 3:00. Today whin I got up the sun was out and not a cloud in the sky. It realy beutifil out here you would love it. Ive token a lot of pitchers with dads camra for you to see. I haven’t been fishing yet but I think were going fish thort Fri. I love yo very much love Jeff


9 thoughts on “A post card from Jeff

  1. What great childhood memories – camping brings lots of pleasure and so kids tend to put up with discomfort (like rolling to the edge of tent in sleep) happily. It’s so revealing to see that even then in 1989 kids began using abbreviations in writing eg 2day – nowadays acronyms and abbreviations used in SMS messaging etd by the young mainly are a kind of a science πŸ™‚


  2. Beautiful!!!… reminds me of the experience of my eldest boy, on bivouac here in South Australia with his Air Training Corps some 20 years ago and just a few years older than Jeff.

    His tent was also pitched on a slope, it rained furiously all night and he awoke, hours later, with the rain beating down on his face… having slidden through the tent opening, down the hill/ slope and completely exposed to the elements.

    ha ha ha… lovely memories.


      • I’m trying to remember the age of my boy at the time… mmmhhh, he’s now 46!!!
        Hooley Dooley and is a wonderful dad to my 3 eldest grandchildren. It’s such a joy to see our chickadees grow up and then bring a whole new flock of littlies into our lives to love and to cherish, eh?
        Thanks for sharing your stories… they make me very happy.


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