My Grandkids

We baby set the two youngest grandkids last night and we had a ball playing games, cars, and whatever else these two could thank up. About P1090100eight O’clock we put in a DVD that we had bought of old cartoons and I do mean old, Betty Boop, Aladdin, Popeye, Superman, Mighty Mouse, and so on. Those cartoons brought back a lot on memories from when I was a kid and those two boys were glued to watching them. Ok I guess it is just me but I was reading the warning on the back of the DVD 270 Classic Cartoons quote Pleas be aware that these cartoons represent the values and attitudes from another era, and may contain content for mature audiences that may not be appropriate for children. Give me a break I have seen some of the so-called cartoons for kids now days and it bothers me to let my grandkids watch them. Any how it was not to long before I looked over on the couch and the two of them were passed out, I guess they just had two much fun at Mama, Poppy’s house.

12 thoughts on “My Grandkids

  1. I think it’s great when children or grandchildren get to see cartoons, listen to music etc from our childhood – I’ve had the same experience with mine when watching “old” movies etc turned to them saying “wow, your generation was cool” – I wish they made cartoons these days like they used to all those decades ago – now a lot of them are so “technical” and not enough “peopleness” in them, I think. That’s why the old ones mersmerise today’s kids, I think.


  2. Popeye was my favorite!! And it is blasphemy that those who believe these cartoons are promoting “bad concepts” of people have won out. My gosh, those cartoons made our country today… And while it may not be perfect, they instilled right versus wrong… And Sponge Bob is OK? Geez…! Pointless idiocy if you ask me…

    And that photo is a keeper!


    • Yes they did and then they came over and played and watched them again Saturday. In fact their folks was over also and we had a cook out, the oldest one wanted to say grace at the meal and he said thank you for letting him come to mama and poppy two days in a row. Kids are so cute at that age. Have a blessed day. Jim


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