Some Old Books that I have

This is just a few that I pulled out of one of the boxes. I have had several good comments on what to do with the books but the wife and I have not made up our minds yet on which way to go.

Author Title Published by Copyright/Printed
John W Flight Moses The Beacon Press 1942/1958
Ralph Connor The Major George H. Doran Co. NY 1917
Phyllis Bottome The Mortal Storm Triangle Books 1938/1941
Basil King The Conquest of Fear The New Home Library 1921/1942
Fred Hoyle Ossian’s Ride Harper & Brothers NY 1959
Ellery Queen The King is Dead Little, Brown and Company Boston 1952
F. van W yck Mason Golden Admiral Doubleday & Company Garden City NY 1953
Frederik Pohl Star of Stars Doubleday & Company Garden City NY 1960
Frank Yerby The Golden Hawk The Dial Press NY 1948
Edmond Hamilton The Haunted Stars Dodd, Mead & Company NY 1960
Betty Bates It Must’ve Been the
Fish Sticks
Pocket Books NY 1982
Katherine Patterson Come Sing, Jimmy Jo Avon Flare 1985/1986
Charles Heath The A- Team 2: Dell Book 1984/1984
Cover of "The A-Team 2: Small But Deadly ...

Cover of The A-Team 2: Small But Deadly Wars


12 thoughts on “Some Old Books that I have

  1. Those are interesting titles you shared. I was an A-Team fan in my youth…Have you decided what you’ll do with them? If I lived in the US I would buy a few from you 🙂 especially the book by Katherine Patterson. Have a blessed weekend, Mary


    • Thank you Mary. Sorry I am so slow to get back to you my grandkids have been back over and I have been helping my son fix the ceiling in my garage. Yes I plane on listing all the books on E-bay but it might be awhaile before I get them listed. I to used to watch the A-team years ago. Have a blessed day and good weekend. Jim


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