The In-law

ViTribute to my mother-in-law, she was a very special lady. I have heard people say how they do not like their in-laws; well mine was more that great, she always made me fill welcome even before Charlotte and I were married. She was always there for Charlotte and I, when I had to go into the military we already had a house we were buying and we were afraid we were going to lose it because on military pay just was not enough, Vi moved into our house with Charlotte and took over the house payments. Of course when I came home from the Navy and started back to work we started paying Vi back, after a couple of years she told us that was enough, I know we owed her a lot more than that but she just would not hear of us paying her anymore.

When she passed our son Jeremy brought his mom a Violet plant to help First Violet plantus remember Vi. Charlotte planted the plant out in front of the house where it thrived for a few years but we finely lost it due to the drought we have been having here. Our sweet daughter in-Second Violet plantlaw Amy this is Jeff’s wife brought in a Violet for Charlotte for mother’s day and told her it was also in honor of Charlotte’s mom. We love you Vi and miss you dearly.

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