True Friend’s

We have had many friends over the years, some before we were married and numerous after we were married. Some have come and gone never toFrinds be heard from again, but true friends never leave you. Oh you may never see them again either for whatever the reason may be but their lives have touched you in such a way that you might not be able to describe and in your heart you long to see, talk too, or just hold and hug them again. One such friend could be your best friend you know your spouse who has died and you can no longer hold our touch, or maybe a relative you are close to but do not see any more our just maybe on certain occasions. It could just be someone you know from church, school, or even your job but they have touched you in such a way that they have a special place in your heart, these are called your true friends and absolutely nothing can rip them from you. My hope and prayer is that you all have such friends in your life and if you do not then I urge you to make some.


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