A Home at my Home now empty

P1090069 P1090070They are gone, back on April 20th I posted about a bird that built a nest on our front porch light and it had 4 eggs in it. We have been watching mama bird come and go and it looked like everything was ok, well today May 1st I was noticing mama was not around so finely I looked inside and it was empty, I just do not know what happened? I did find a piece of light blue egg on the ground, I do not see how anything could have gotten to the nest and if something had I would have thought there would be a mess but it was clean. I guess it is a mystery?


11 thoughts on “A Home at my Home now empty

  1. Depending on where you live, the red wing blackbirds and the cowbirds go after ANY nests other than their own. Also raccoons can be pretty cagey and sneaky about getting to bird nests.


    • Thank you for your comment. I am thinking it might be a bird but I just do not see how the area could be so clean? The porch light is over my head and we have still siding so I do not see how a raccoon could get up there but any thing is possible.


  2. A similar thing happened to the nest on our arbor and it turned out the birds hatched and after a week or so were out of the nest. I saw the mom hatchlings on our grass hopping around and the mommy sitting on a branch nearby chirping encouragingly.


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