Birthday boy 6 years old

My how time flies Riley turned 6 back on the 25 of April 2013. I remember No papa that is my cherry you can get some out of the fridgewhen we found out that he was on his way, Charlotte and I was on a trip toSee what mama made me Galveston Texas to catch a cruise ship, we had stopped in Houston to visit with our other son and his family. I thought I would check our e-mail and we had one from our kids back in Amarillo Texas, there was an attachment of a sonogram and a note saying we were going to be grandparents again.

King birthad boy Lets party P1090002 P1090033 Rileys new car


6 thoughts on “Birthday boy 6 years old

    • Thank you for reading, and I no what you are talking about, my other son has a 17 year old and Charlotte and I were married at 19. I hope Edan Isaac has a happy birthday.


    • Thank you for reading, and yes he had a great time. We told him he had one more gift coming but that it would not get here till next Friday, he came over to our house yesterday to play and he asked mama if the gift had come in yet. ha ha 🙂


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