Going on a Bus Tour Day 9-c

Wednesday April 10. Day 9 Next we went to the Old State Capital just


a few short blocks from the Lincoln home. This is where Mr. Lincoln tried cases and it was across the street from his law office, also this was where he was told that he was elected and was now the President of the United States of America and so he ran home to tell Mary the news, can you just imagine seeing him running with those long lanky legs?

P1080880 P1080883 P1080884 P1080885 P1080891 P1080892 P1080894 P1080896 P1080897 P1080899 P1080900 P1080905 P1080906 P1080907 P1080910

After we left the old state capital we went to where President Lincoln is buried in the city cemetery. His tomb is open to the public if you are ever in Springfield.

P1080911 P1080912 P1080916 P1080919 P1080924 P1080925 P1080926 P1080927 P1080932 P1080933

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