Going on a Bus Tour Day 9-b

Wednesday April 10. Day 9 I thought it was interesting about the door bell, there was a piece of wire going through a hole in the wall leading outside P1080831by the front door leading to a bell attached to the wall, I was told that it was the original bell used when Abe lived there.

P1080837 The bed was one from that era but the original one was burned in the Chicago fire so Robert picked one that looked like his dads bed. The desk P1080841looks so small but yet it is the one that Abe used while writing.

Mary Todd Lincoln slept in another room for Abe would stay up late reading and working. If you noticed the carpet and the wall paper kind of clashes, it did not matter because it showed the guest that P1080844they had the money for such things and besides white washed walls was for poor folks. She also had a potty chair in her room instead of just a chamber pot.

The stove in the kitchen is the original stove that Mary Todd cooked on, the back staircase is the only thing in the house that has been changed, the city of SpringfieldP1080860 said it had to be brought up to code for it was steep and had no hand rails plus it opened into the kitchen and someone could fall so it was closed in and hand rails added.

When the outhouse was built it had three seats P1080862in it so I guess with having four boys he knew he needed more than a one holer.

P1080861 P1080863 P1080865 P1080867 P1080869 P1080875


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