Going on a Bus Tour Day 9-a

Wednesday April 10. Day 9 Up at 5:30 breakfast at 6:00, bag’s out by 6:30, loaded and ready to leave at 7:00. We drove for a couple of hours then took a break in Indianapolis IN set our clocks back an hour thin had lunch in Champaign IL. It was raining when we reached Springfield IL it was early so we drove on down town and stopped at Lincoln’s home and historic site, we went into the store looked around and by then it had stopped raining so we walked over to Abe Lincoln home which looks the same to this day. We took the tour and rangers were stationed around the house to explain all that we were looking at. Robert Lincoln Abe’s only son who was still living sold his dads house to the US Government for $1.00 and with the stipulation that they could not charge for people to come and see the house. We were told that we could not touch anything except for the banister as we went up the stairs, and they also told us that this banister is the same exact one that Mr. Lincoln used when he went up the stairs.

P1080834 P1080835 P1080833 P1080832 P1080829 P1080828 P1080826 P1080823 P1080822 P1080820 P1080819 P1080816 P1080812


3 thoughts on “Going on a Bus Tour Day 9-a

  1. I’m really enjoying this wonderful way that you’ve adopted to share the many things you’ve seen on your tour…thanks! Oh and i was born near Champaign IL!


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