A Home at my Home

P1080963 P1080964While we were gone on that bus tour to Washington DC we had a visitor move to our home. I was noticing that every time we opened our front door a bird would fly away from the porch light so I looked and she had built a nest between the light and the house. I did not want to disturb it so I thought I would take a picture of it and guess what I found, yep there were 4 eggs in it so I am guessing she would have been a happier bird if we had stayed away longer.


16 thoughts on “A Home at my Home

      • Yes I know what you mean. Here in Sydney, Australia, beautiful birds come too around the yard. I personally don’t mind the Possums and they know it because they somehow stay away from eating young foliage and my succulents, like they do in other places – I think they just wait for my Wisteria to bloom and then they feast a little, always leaving some for the garden decor. So, Possums and I are kind of friends.


  1. What a precarious spot for a nest! . . . but it provides you with a fun opportunity to watch the happenings. Hopefully you’ll soon be sharing photos of 4 adorable baby birds.


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