Going on a Bus Tour Day 7-c

Monday April 8. Day 7 After leaving the Washington National Cathedral, we headed to Alexandria VA to the historic downtown area. When we got there we were drop off just down from the old Christ Church, and we were told that the river walk was about 6 blocks away if we wanted to go down there to eat dinner. Well every one said that we were tired from all the walking we had been doing that day and none of went to the river, in fact we did not have a lot of time before we were to head back to the motel. Charlotte and I walked around the corner trying to find some place to relax and eat and we found a place called Murphy’s Grand Irish Pup. We went in and at first At the pub P1080753we just saw the bar and we weren’t sure if we wanted to eat there, one of the waitress had spotted us and came out to talk with us, we asked here if they had tables and did they serve food and she said yes so we decided to give it a try. After going inside we could see the tables but the place was very dimly lit, not two long after we seated ourselves about four more couples off the bus came in so we set as a group, they said a nice young man outside had told them that this was a good place to eat. I had fish and chips, Charlotte had crab cakes and everything was great in fact Charlotte said that the crab cakes were the best she had ever had.


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