Going on a Bus Tour Day 7-b

Monday April 8. Day 7 After leaving the US Capitol we headed to the Washington National Cathedral, It was also damaged in the earth quake a couple of years back so they had scaffolding and wire to keep stone from falling on people until they get it repaired. I was wondering as we got there where Tony was going to park that big bus, as we were pulling into the parking lot there was a sign pointing for buses and a man pointed us in that direction, when Tony turned to go that way we started down to and underground parking garage just for buses. We unloaded and went into a gift shop then took an elevator up to church.

P1080695 P1080697 P1080699 P1080703 P1080706 P1080707 P1080708 P1080713 P1080715 P1080718 P1080720 P1080721 P1080727 P1080734 P1080735 P1080738 P1080740 P1080742 P1080744 P1080745


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