Going on a Bus Tour Day 7-a

Monday April 8. Day 7 Today we are going to the Supreme Court which is located back behind the US Capitol, here again I thought about not going because I would have to walk so far and uphill to boot, but this time the tour guide said that there was a free shuttle that would take you up and around to the back side close to where we needed to be dropped off.

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After going through the Supreme Court we walked over to the US Capitol where we got to go in and tour it also in fact that is where we were to eat lunch and yes that was during our tour time also, so we went straight to the cafeteria which did not open until 11:00. The food I guess was ok except here a again was a little pricey, I got some kind of chicken wrap which tasted ok but the bottom of the flour tortilla was soggy like it had been setting refrigerated for a while. We had a wonderful tour guide in the capitol though he was well versed on the capitol and he was fun to listen to, he could imitate all the presidents that he talked about.

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4 thoughts on “Going on a Bus Tour Day 7-a

    • I know we enjoyed it, we would like to have seen where the congress meet at but I knew we had to have advanced permission to do that and being with the bus tour I do not think we would have had time for that part. It was good to here from you I hope every thing is well. Jim


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