Going on a Bus Tour Day 6-c

Sunday April 7. Day 6 After leaving Mt Vernon we went back into DC to Union Station. It was very crowded seeing as how that it is a train station and a Bus Station, not only for tour buses but also for buses like Gray hound. It has three levels that I could tell, the eating places were down I would say the basement, then trains, on ground level shops and buses on the second level. This is where we were to eat dinner and for the women folk to shop if they have a mind to. We had a burger at Johnny Rockets which was the first time we had eaten at one. I had a burger with jalapeno, and guacamole on it and it was outstanding plus we had curly fries and a chocolate shake. Afterwards we went to The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Art and then on the illumination tour where we took a lot of the pictures that I posted with the monuments on day 4.

P1080386 P1080388 P1080391 P1080522 P1080523 P1080524 P1080526 P1080527 P1080529 P1080533 P1080536 P1080538 P1080587 P1080592 P1080597


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