Going on a Bus Tour Day 6-b

Sunday April 7. Day 6 After leaving the theater we went to Mt Vernon this was such a beautiful drive the closer we got to President George Washington home. Gorge Washington is the only President that never lived in the White House for it was not built yet. His home and land was beautiful, rolling hills and a huge back yard that sloped down to the Potomac River. Yes he also had around 280 slaves, I thank that’s what we were told. He even had a little hospital building to help them get medical care when they needed it.

Cows Erentance to mT vernon George Washington Home Ioumb of Washington Memorial to the Colored famileys at Mt Vernon P1080459 P1080463 P1080467 P1080469 P1080472 P1080491 P1080500 P1080507 P1080511 P1080513 Pecan Tree 1850 and vew of the potomac river Renactor at Mt Vernon Riding chair Slave quarters Statues of the Washington Family Vew from back porch Vew from back yard


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