Going on a Bus Tour Day 6-a

Sunday April 7. Day 6 Another late sleep did not have to board the bus until 08:30. We are going to the Ford’s Theater this morning, this is where John Wilkes Booth shot and killed President Abe Lincoln. We went in the theater and we had a lady dressed in the 1865 dress, she explained how, what and why John Wilkes Booth killed President Lincoln. I highly recommend if you are ever in Washington that you visit the theater. Then we were able to cross the street and enter the boarding house where President Lincoln was taken and the room he passed away in, such history.

P1080399 At the Ford's Theater Lady speaking at the Ford's theater Volintear at the Ford's theater Where Lincoln was shot

This is a working theater so the stage is set up for a show and it is not set up like it was when Lincoln was shot. The only part that is the same is the box that Lincoln was setting in. There was a young doctor in the audience when this took place and he rushed up to the President and after looking at the wound in the Presidents head he knew that President Lincoln was not going to recover and told the people that he needed to be moved to a bed and that is when they took him across the street to the boarding house.

P1080397 P1080423 P1080424 P1080425 P1080426 P1080427 P1080428 P1080429 P1080430 P1080431 P1080432 P1080433 P1080434 P1080437 P1080439 P1080440 P1080441


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