Going on a Bus Tour Day 5

Saturday April 6. Day 5 We got to sleep a little longer for we could not get into the Library of Congress until 9:00am and stay until 10:30. This was back behind the National Capital and the bus could not go back there. So I opted to stay on the bus and Charlotte went with the group.

P1080293 P1080294 P1080295 P1080296 P1080297 P1080298 P1080299 P1080300 P1080301

I knew that we were going to the Smithsonian Museums after lunch; In fact we were to eat while we were looking at the museums we had from 11:00 to 5:30. We went to the Air and Space museum first and had lunch there, it was free to get into the museum but it cost an arm and a leg to eat at the McDonald located inside. After looking through the Air and Space museum Charlotte walked over to the American History Museum and the Castle which was the first Smithsonian by the way. When she got back we went next door to the National Museum for the American Indian, I wished we had come to this one first for they had great food in their Cafeteria. We went in and got two fry bread with honey plus two sodas and it cost $14 plus tax but man it was good.

Air and Space Museum

P1080306 P1080307 P1080309 P1080314 P1080315 P1080321 P1080322 P1080326 P1080327 P1080331 P1080332 P1080335 P1080336

American History Museum

P1080342 P1080343 P1080345 P1080347 P1080349 P1080350 P1080352 P1080353 P1080354

P1080355 P1080356 P1080357 P1080358 P1080360

Smithsonian Castle

P1080362 P1080363 P1080367

National Museum for the American Indian

P1080368 P1080369 P1080370 P1080372 P1080373 P1080374 P1080375 P1080379 P1080380 P1080381


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